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June 23, 2005 2:49 PM

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Perth Autosalon 2005
Ruvinda’s Bucks Night
Ruvinda’s Wedding
Lazy Sunday
Sunday Night BBQ
Drinks at Bar Open
Dad’s bday dinner & Yvonne’s cake
The Deen & The Rise
Simple Pleasures
My car – Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T
Solitary Browsing
Godskitchen Oct 2005.
Dinner at The Queens
Ministry of Sound Annual Tour Perth 2005
Dinner at Banzai
Reucas & Snoop
Alex’s Bucks Night
The Sunday That Was
Ian and Marilyn’s Wedding
The Colors – Live at Mojo’s Pics
Gatecrasher Perth 2005

2005 Year End Holiday

Singapore Day 0 Pics
Singapore Day 1 Pics
Singapore Day 2 Pics
Singapore Day 3 Pics
Singapore Day 4 Pics
Kuala Lumpur Day 1 Pics
Kuala Lumpur Day 2 Pics
Kuala Lumpur Day 3 Pics
Kuala Lumpur Day 4 Pics
Kuala Lumpur Day 5 Pics
Kuala Lumpur Day 6 Pics
Penang Day 1 Pics
Penang Day 2-3 Pics
Langkawi Pics


CNY Eve 2006 Gatherings
CNY Day Lunch
The Colors at Amplifier – pics
Two Tribes Perth 2006
Saturday night clubbing
Ministry of Sound Hard NRG Tour Perth 2006
Ministry of Sound Sessions Tour 2006 Perth
Watching the Australia-Italy FIFA 2006 game at The Deen
Sunday BBQ
Dad’s belated birthday dinner
Godskitchen Perth 2006
Mid-Autumn Festival: Mooncakes and Popiah
The sick day that wasn’t
Mom’s 60th Birthday Dinner
Saturday evening at Cicerello’s

Singapore November 2006

In Blinkymummy’s house
Singapore’s Little India
Blinkymummy playing with iPhoto
Kebabs and tacos at Blinkymummy’s
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5 (no photos in this one but here for completeness)
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8

Kuala Lumpur December 2006

Day 2
Day 3
Snippets of my KL days
What I did on my 32nd birthday
The night markets, “pasar malam” in Petaling Jaya


Summadayze Perth 2007
My cousin Shane’s wedding – day 1 photos
My cousin Shane’s wedding – day 2 photos
My cousin Shane’s wedding – more day 2 photos
Sydney January 2007 – Cabramatta day trip
Sydney January 2007 – night out at Bondi
Sydney January 2007 – night out at Opera Bar
Hun-Ye and Rick’s Wedding
Future Music Festival: two pictures
Night out at The Deen
Snoop the dog says, “Don’t call me Tripod!”
Armin van Buuren – White Party, Metro City Perth
Penang June 2007 – Getting the Bride
Penang June 2007 – Scenes from a Kopitiam
Penang June 2007 – At the Reception
Penang June 2007 – Lunch the Next Day
Penang June 2007 – Scenes from around the place
Penang June 2007 – The Buildings
Godskitchen Perth 2007
Penang October 2007 – Day 1
Penang October 2007 – Day 2
Penang October 2007 – Day 3
Penang October 2007 – Day 4 & 5
Penang October 2007 – QE2
Penang October 2007 – More Historical Buildings
Mom’s 61st Birthday Dinner
Paul van Dyk at Metro City
Daft Punk at Perth Esplanade 2007

Singapore December 2007

Day 0/1 in Singapore 2007
Day 1/2 in Singapore 2007
Day 3 in Singapore 2007
Day 4/5 in Singapore 2007
Day 6-8 in Singapore 2007
Day 9-11 in Singapore 2007


Future Music Festival Perth 2008
Blinkymummy’s weekend in Perth
Melbourne June 2008 – The Work
Melbourne June 2008 – The Fun
Armin van Buuren Perth 2008
A very karaoke night
Global Gathering Perth 2008
Mom’s 62nd birthday lunch
Melbourne December 2008 – The Work
Melbourne December 2008 – The Streets and The Buildings
Melbourne December 2008 – The Interesting Places
Melbourne December 2008 – The Food and The Drinks

2008 Year End Holiday

Singapore December 2008 – All about the people
Singapore December 2008 – The Food

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  1. Fern

    this is a cool webpage… do post the langkawi trip that you went and share the ups and downs of the trip :) Have a safe trip back to Australia and do keep in touch. :)

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