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  1. explicist
    Friday April 13, 2007

    ha! this is funny. erm, happened to you today? :D

  2. mooiness
    Friday April 13, 2007

    it didn’t happen today but it has happened on many other occasions. It has got to stop! :P

  3. van
    Saturday April 14, 2007

    OMG HAHAHAH OMGGGGGG!! i have heard this before!! actually it wasnt exactly a breast press but similar consequence. i was a bit drunk and passing out on a male friend’s lap when i snuggled a bit closer (completely not realizing that im pressing up against his um…”manly part” because i mean, hes a totally friend-zone guy) and he starts yelling, “HELLO HELLO!!! UNLESS U WANT TO FEEL SOMETHING GETTING HARD AGAINST UR EAR U BETTER STOP THAT!!!” and i was like “….”

    Hahahhaha, ok marcus, on behalf of all women, i apologize to you. :P

  4. mooiness
    Saturday April 14, 2007

    van: hahahah exxxcellent story. Hee hee. So now you know and you are forgiven. Hah!

  5. steph
    Saturday April 14, 2007

    Women are evil. We know EXACTLY what we’re doing when we titilate (literally) you. :P

  6. mooiness
    Saturday April 14, 2007

    steph: oh you are so so EVIL. Not just Diet Coke EVIL. Also, tits!

  7. girlstar7
    Sunday April 15, 2007

    Yes, women can be evil and we can do these things on purpose. although sometimes it can be accidental. I’m a natural DD-cup so I’ve got pretty big boobs obviously and sometimes they do kinda get in the way. Like, if I’m leaning over to reach something and I just happen to lean over a male friend, my boobs might happen to brush him….but it wouldn’t necessarily be on purpose. they are THERE, and sometimes it just happens…

  8. mooiness
    Sunday April 15, 2007

    girlstar7: “sometimes it just happens…”

    You see, sometimes it’s also the fact that it’s inadvertent that makes it even more inappropriately exciting. :mrgreen:

  9. Rachel
    Monday April 16, 2007

    At least you protest against it.. I have guy friends sneaking peeks when they think I am not looking. -_-

  10. mooiness
    Monday April 16, 2007

    Rachel: hahaha like that boy in the picture. :)

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