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  1. blinkymummy
    Tuesday July 22, 2008

    i’m your mother!!
    wa si lee lau bu!! << sounds terrible…

  2. Kitty
    Tuesday July 22, 2008

    clubbing every weekend is awesome… beware repression tho… oh and a lack of savings hahaha

  3. nadnut
    Wednesday July 23, 2008

    moderation is the keyword here. :)

  4. mooiness
    Wednesday July 23, 2008

    bm: heheh some Hokkien words just sound terrible no matter the intention!

    Kitty: repression? you mean depression? that’s why I go out. ;) But the part about the savings is true but I’m miserly during the week. Heh.

    nadnut: of course, it’s only once a week. Well sometimes twice. Hahah!

  5. LupinTan
    Wednesday July 23, 2008

    Hahaha, BM sounds like ur mom.

    Anyway, you have to gauge yourself, if you push ur body too hard because you are partying hard for the point of stress releasing, I doubt you feel better.

    I would rather hibernate. Hahaha.

  6. blur ting
    Wednesday July 23, 2008

    Different people find different ways to relax. For you, I guess it is a night out whereas for us, we prefer a quiet corner at home. Do what works for you man.

    When it comes to stress at work, try not to let it affect you once you leave the office. It’s like being a doctor. You see and treat your patients but you can’t bring all their worries and fears home with you. As long as you know you’ve done your best, that’s fine. You’ve got to take care of your own well being too.

  7. girlstar7
    Wednesday July 23, 2008

    Everyone deals with stress, it’s a normal part of life. Even the most laid-back, mild-mannered, happy people (like yourself in nature) can experience stress, anxiety and mild depression given the right circumstances. We’re only human, after all! There’s only so much we can handle, and a little bit of anxiety/stress can be normal and healthy.
    How we deal with this stress and how we unwind, varies from person to person. After a long, stressful week, some people just want to curl up in bed with a book. Others may want to get drunk and dance the night away. Some people may unwind by playing videos games, downloading porn, going out to dinner and many, many others! Like you, I love having a big night out as it helps me unwind, de-stress and feel good. When I’m on the dance floor after a few drinks, I”m never happier and all my problems seem very far away.
    The point is, everyone is different! If you love clubbing as it helps you unwind, keep going! Other people may prefer to de-stress by staying at home, but that’s them and this is you. Everyone is different.

  8. btx
    Wednesday July 23, 2008

    going out without a purpose or motive is shit !
    i try to do something else besides going to club/pub but only ending up getting fuckin bored n drunk at home with my homies…reaaal shitt !

  9. mooiness
    Wednesday July 23, 2008

    Lupin: true that, cannot go too crazy. Hey, I like to drink and party but I don’t like hangovers.

    blur ting: yeah I know I have to leave the work at home but sometimes it just creeps into my head. That’s why it’s an effort to stay happy. :)

    girlstar7: yeah it may seem counter-intuitive to de-stress by doing an activity that is actually physically and mentally exhausing (the drinking and the dancing), but it works!

    btx: erm wow you sure have a lot of pent up frustration there.

  10. mf
    Thursday July 24, 2008

    I guess it’s ur own way of dealing with stress at work. We all hv our own ways of managing things….
    Like how frens will scream at me when I tell them I hit the gym for combat classes at 4-5 times a week…sometimes even when I dun feel well..die die must go.. :P

    and I get responses like :”u tink u ironman?”

    But I AM enjoying my kind of lifestyle!

    Just do it! :D

  11. BigZapfer
    Thursday July 24, 2008

    Some times you just have to say fuck it! this really doesn’t need to bother me.

    Here, hope this puts a smile on your dial :)


  12. mooiness
    Thursday July 24, 2008

    mf: actually a good workout is a good stress reliever, and can even make you happy. And you can get all that anger out by punching something. Heh.

    BigZapfer: Hahah I think it a lot but most times I’d still have to just grit my teeth, and force myself to calm down.

    Oh and that link is funny! Heheh.

  13. btx
    Saturday July 26, 2008

    i ll try read the bible tomorrow

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