35 Things about Me

June 23, 2005 2:49 PM


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  1. Born in KL, Malaysia. Came to Perth when I was 14. Have been living here ever since.
  2. My father is 2nd generation peranakan. My mother is 1st generation Malaysian Chinese – her parents and grandparents were from China.
  3. I’m a Hokkien lang.
  4. My accents switch between Aussie-fied English and Malaysian depending on whom I speak to.
  5. I claim to speak English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese, and read a bit of Malay. But I’m really only fluent in English.
  6. I keep up my Mandarin and Cantonese by watching HK movies and Taiwanese TV on Chinese satellite TV. I keep up my Hokkien by speaking it with my relatives in Penang and my parents. I keep up with my Malay by being *in* Malaysia as much as I can – cultural immersion is the best way to learn a language. Which brings me to …
  7. I attempted to learn Japanese once because I was sorta seeing this Japanese girl. Nothing eventuate from that but hey, I got introduced to Japanese TV serials. F**k, they’re addictive.
  8. I have a brother who’s 5 years younger than me.
  9. He ran the restaurant which I started after being retrenched in 2001. I moped around for a year as a bum before deciding to do it. (sold 3rd May 2006)
  10. Geek at heart, I’m now back in IT since July 2004.
  11. I used to share a house with 4 Singaporean girls. Not anymore. They’ve all gone back.
  12. I love dogs. I used to have two but I had to put down my Alaskan Malamute in May 2005 due to old age – I miss him. I am left with the most hyper dog around – a Stafforshire Terrier cross called “Snoop”.
  13. I go back to mom’s cooking 5 nights a week. I got it good.
  14. I like clubbing to trance, house, drum-n-bass, breaks and R&B/Hip-hop.
  15. I like having quiet nights in with friends over a good bottle of wine and great conversation.
  16. I like looking at girls.
  17. I am addicted to TV.
  18. If I’m not out clubbing/socialising, eating at my parents’, playing with my dog, watching TV then I’m on the net.
  19. I blog.
  20. I search for free porn on the net. I’m single – give me a break!
  21. I drive a Skyline.
  22. I used to drive an Integra but I gave it to my brother.
  23. I love coffee from an espresso machine. I only drink instant if I mix it with Milo – home-made mocha!
  24. My breakfast for the past god-knows-how-many-years consists of: home-made mocha and crunchy peanut butter on toast.
  25. My favourite hawker food is Penang Fried Kway Teow. *drool*
  26. My second favourite hawker food is Kway Teow Tng.
  27. My favourite indulgent foods: pancakes with banana, lotsa butter and maple syrup; toasted spam sandwich with sunny-side up egg.
  28. Everytime I go back to Malaysia, I spend time in both KL and Penang.
  29. I graduated with B.Commerce and B.Engineering from UWA. I’m not using any of that stuff anymore. Well maybe bits of Commerce.
  30. If I can get paid to be in uni I would go back in an instant – social life is so much more easy and fun!
  31. I’m still in touch with friends from all stages in my life: primary/high school in KL, high school here and university. I’m lucky to be so blessed.
  32. I am turned off by girls who mind-f**ks. Luckily for me, I can spot a mind-f**ker right away.
  33. I’m also turned off by girls who asks you to call then act all unavailable. KNN!
  34. I once went out with a girl who’s 172cm tall. I’m 164cm. Ego boost, like Tom Cruise like that!
  35. I like beer, vodka, and Jack Daniel.

Erm….that’s it really. I’m simple. 🙂

41 thoughts on “35 Things about Me

  1. mooiness

    siti: it means fucking with someone’s head lah! You know – head games or more commonly “mind games”. 🙂

    For example – when a girl is hot-n-cold with a guy, she’s saying to be playing mind games with him, or “mind-fucking” him. 🙂

  2. Tom

    Shit, i never knew you speak Hokkien as well…me also hokkien speaker here, but i’m originally from Medan, that little town across the strait from Penang.

  3. teddy

    hi, i just come over to your site, and find it very interesting. and i’m hokkkien lang as well, but i’m indonesian. Not yet aussie like you mate, but soon hopefully:) btw, how can you come out with mooiness domain name? just wondering mate.

  4. mooiness Post author

    van: I have no problems with taller girls if they have no problems with shorter guys. 😉

    tracey: Aussie-Malaysian you mean. “Malay” is a race; I’m Chinese.

  5. yellafella

    hey mooiness! i’m also m’sian and been here since i was 8 yrs old. i’m also in perth. i’m also hokkien…well, actually my bloodline is mixed up a bit like rojak! but ya, reading stuff about you, i found a lot of similarities between u and i. viva malaysian-chinese-aussies!!

  6. Tash

    Hi Mooi
    How are you? I didn’t know who to ring or what to look up in yellow/white pages or on net so i thought you were the best person to ask 🙂 I’m a Perth girl and I was wondering if we have a ‘Chinatown’ area in the city? As my boyfriend is coming over to Perth for the first time & he tells me things he buys from Asian stores like Wasabi coated chickpeas & other goodies. Also he has told me about Yum Cha (i think he explained it as someone goes around with a cart & there’s a variety of food on it & you can choose what you would like??)
    He’s coming for my 25th bday & spending a week here so I’m going to show him some of my favourite places & he’s going to introduce me to his favourite things. He’s going to take me to a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you..any ideas of restaurants? I’m looking forward to being introduced to Asian things.
    Thanks 🙂

  7. mooiness Post author

    Tash: Asian store – dunno where you live so I’m gonna just tell you the biggest Asian grocery store in Perth – Tran’s Emporium on Newcastle Street, Northbridge (near cnr of Fitzgerald St).

    Yum Cha restaurant – again, there are plenty but the ones in Northbridge should suffice. Golden Century on James Street, or Northbridge Chinese Restaurant on Roe Street. There are also 3 Chinese restaurants on Francis Street which do it. Note that “Han’s” isn’t one of them – they serve bastardised Asian food.

    Japanese cooking in front of you, or “Teppanyaki” – the only one that I know of now is also in Northbridge called “Tansawatei”. It’s opp Rosie O’Grady’s on the left.

    Hope that helps! Before your bf arrives, you should explore Northbridge on your own. 🙂

  8. Heather

    Hey, there! I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and did find various parts fun to read (“Asian Guys and Blondes” comes to mind, being blonde myself) and I understand your rants in regards to being single and wishing people would drop it. Full person over here, too. 😀

    I was doing an image search, though, and got a link to your site via the DVD cover for “The Replacement Killers.” Awesome movie, btw.

    Heh, I feel your pain in regards to the Asian male/White female dynamic. I’m a white female largely attracted to Asian males, but it seems impossible to find anyone interested (or maybe I just live in an area with a limited amount of the target population in question, to be fair.)

    I always thought it would be great to make some sort of site or blog for that. Just because. Everyone does that these days, come to think of it!

    Forgive the random comment, but I thought I might as well leave one. 🙂

  9. mooiness Post author

    Heather: thanks for dropping by! I may give the impression that I only dig blondes and can’t get them, but the truth is I dig all kinds of women but can’t get them!

    As for the target population problem, am assuming that you are somewhere in the country area? Yeah not too many Asians there. 😉

    About your idea for a blog, if you’ve got lotsa stories in that “genre” to tell why not? I’d definitely be a reader.

  10. Heather

    Sounds like the truth for a lot of singles! I like lots of different people myself, but really when it comes down it, you have to get along with the person . . . and that’s tough to find anywhere.

    Yep, currently in a country area. 🙂 I prefer big cities, but my mother hates cities. Well, you probably know how that goes. Parents win with everything.

    Oh, I wouldn’t have the time for a blog. Keeping up with college and moving plans is enough for me at the moment!

  11. Ying


    Since you’re Malaysian, do you like Michelle Yeoh? I am quite fascinated by her, and I think she has had an interesting life. Would you have any details about her earlier life, ie starting out in the 1980s?



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