Hot-ness by association

June 24, 2005 2:42 PM

Here’s another hot-chick friend of mine who’s also married (on the right):

At this stage you might have some questions. Even if you don’t, humour me and read on lah. KNN.


  • How come you got so many chio-bu friends?

    No idea. There’s no skills involved in meeting pretty people. I’m lucky to know ppl who know good-looking ppl. I guess I made a good first impression for them to think I’m friend-worthy. And it’s my personality that makes them want to remain friends with me lah! Right or not??? Wei wei wei, can have courtesy to not vomit in front of me or not!? I just bought these shoes leh.

  • How come they are all married?

    Bad timing. When I met them, they were either gonna get married or already married. Bo Pian.

  • Are or were you depressed that they were not available?

    For a split second of course lah! I’m not blind man! But then I thought: Hmmm, to be seen with good looking women is better than to be seen by my old lonely self. By myself I’m average. With them by my side I’m above average.

  • Their husbands leh???

    Their husbands very cool one. They are also very lucky because their wives are very loving to them. Plus they know I wouldn’t dare do anything. Why? Perth too small – I wouldn’t survive to see the next day.

  • If cannot get, then why hang around them for???

    Like I said, a pretty face can get you places. Plus good for ego lah! Other chabohs see me alone, think: “Ceh. Average.” They see me with a hot chick, they think: “Hmm, there must be something about that average-looking guy that that hot chick is willing to be seen in public with him. I *must* find out what.” That’s my theory. Don’t call me siao ‘cos it has worked……once. Ah shuddup lah! Cannot let me be happy for one minute issit?!?

You have a better theory?

9 thoughts on “Hot-ness by association

  1. The Princess

    Hi Marcus,

    After you left a messsage on my blog, I visited your site and am quite impressed! You can be quite hilarious in some of your writings, and lucky you, got so many chio-bu fiends. Oh yeah, you do sound like a Singaporean with all your singlish terms. Didn’t know a Malaysian who grew up practically in Australia could sound so much like myself and fella Singaporeans! Anyway, will be back at your site as often as I could.


  2. mooiness

    Princess: Thanks thanks! Always good for the ego to hear from an appreciative reader. 😛 Yup – you’re right about my character. They call me Mr. “Neither here or there”.

    mr bore: Dude, bad karma man….I don’t induce divorces. 😉 But yeah visit Perth one day and you’d notice that there seems to be a high percentage of good looking women here – angmohs included. I’m not complaining. Now if I could only get one myself……

  3. Mr Ed

    aiya, don’t be so depressed leh… Remember the good of Iona days where we came out for lunch and look at all these pretty ladies walking pass us…. we were very hopeful that one day we will land one of them….
    Well, I’m sure that every day is a day closer for you to meet one of them…. btw, very interesting blog.

  4. Mr Ed

    Oh shutup! I can’t seem to edit my comment above… pai se for having so many typos….darn! anyway, you know what I am saying… anyway, like you have said… there are many pretty girls in Perth, so don’t give up… perhaps you also need to lower your “standards” a little… shouldn’t always go for the “impossibles”.

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