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July 2, 2005 1:15 PM
mobile phone

The worst mobile phone behaviour when it comes to dating has got to be breaking up via SMS. I’ve always at least spoken to the person whether face-to-face or not. And I’ve been fortunate to have not been dumped via SMS either. Which got me thinking, as things always do, about what it was like back when dating and dumping were not facilitated by mobile phones.

  • When asking for a person’s number you needed at least a pen. This was the most difficult at a club due to the fact that you had to lean over the counter and gesture the bartender for a pen, the general lack of paper and sweaty body parts to write numbers on.
  • Getting in touch with the other person is not guaranteed – they could never be home to pick up the phone. And conversely, if you are waiting for an important call, you have to stay next to your phone.
  • You can’t call the other person to tell them that you’re late, and vice-versa. Nor can you change venues at the last minute – which is a good thing actually.
  • You can’t send short flirty messages to each other during the day wherever you may be. If you want to do that, your only choice was e-mail but that means you have to be near a computer.
  • You can’t dump each other by SMS. You had to at least do a “Dear John” which means getting pen and paper, writing it and actually dropping it off somewhere where the dumpee would see it.

Have mobile phones change anything? Not really.

  • It’s easier to get the person’s number but you promptly forget who they are the next day because you were drunk the night before. And because it’s so easy to get and give numbers, they don’t mean much anymore. “I’ll call ya” sounds even more hollow now.
  • Mobile phones are supposed to be more immediate than land-lines but the other person may just ignore your calls.
  • Having a mobile phone doesn’t mean people will use it. They are inherently lazy. Which means that you will still get stood up or end up having to lose that dinner reservation that you made and had reminded the other person about.
  • Now you can send short flirty messages anywhere, at any time that you like. Which just makes an obsessive person even scarier.
  • And speaking of lame and cowardly breakups: the “Dear John” has now been replaced by an SMS message: “C u arnd.”

New technology. Same bad behaviour.

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