Clive James on the Art of Writing

July 5, 2005 8:27 AM

Australian ex-pat writer/UK TV personality Clive James was on Andrew Denton’s Enough Rope (ABC TV) last night.

One of the choice quotes that came out of it and which I thought applies greatly to writers and bloggers alike was:

” … make it effortless for the reader. The reader, ideally, shouldn’t know that he or she is reading, it just should flow along.”

So the lesson is: brevity and the economic use of words are key to enjoyable reading; not verbal-diarrhoea. Something that I am guilty of at times. 😉

photo: ABC TV

3 thoughts on “Clive James on the Art of Writing

  1. Interblogger

    I think the biggest mistake bloggers make is writing posts that are way too long. I might be able to handle a paragraph about how someone took their dog out for a walk, however I can’t handle a 2,000 word essay on it. If I have to scroll down to read one post I just exit the page.


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