My very first date

July 5, 2005 11:48 PM

Just to illustrate how awkward I was with girls, let me recount to you my very first date. To this day it still makes me cringe. Everyone has a fantasy where they could go back in time and go through the same incident with the gift of hindsight and maturity. Mine was to redo this traumatic episode.

I was 12 turning 13 when I had a crush on this girl in my first year at high school. After lots of tell-tale signs of blushing and clamping up in her presence, her friends and mine sussed out what was going on. But as with all girls (nay, women!), she feigned ignorance. Many notes were passed around in class and gossip mongering peaked for a while. So gutless was I that she finally confronted me, “What’s going on?”

I stumbled to find the right words and then – as my friend later described it – the skies opened up, rain came splashing down, thunder roared and lighting lit up the skies and I blurted out, “I want to go out with you!” I didn’t say it softly either. I screamed out loud like a rabid groupie. And as proof of how more mature girls are at that age, she said calmly, “We’ll talk after school”.

We did talk, and she gave me her number. During that poor excuse of a phone call that I made after 2 hours of deliberating, she asked, “Are you bringing a friend?” I said somewhat dejectedly, “Sure, why not.” So I asked my best friend at the time to come along.

And there we were waiting outside the cinema nervously (well, actually only me). She showed up. Not only did she bring one friend, she brought two. *Plus* her little brother. Mucho fabuloso. Anyway, we bought our tickets and went in. Everyone proceeded to sit down – around her. Like could this get any better??? I slumped down on the seat in front of her, muttering and sulking.

She passed me a candy during the movie. That was the one redeeming part of the whole date. But the movie was to become one of my all time favourites – “RoboCop”. Now is that a date movie or what!?

Epilogue – the girl is the one I mentioned in my post about moving to Australia. Things between us got a little less awkward after a while and we became friends. I came to Perth and she went to Sydney a year later. We wrote for a while and I caught up with her once in Sydney. She’s now back in KL and I haven’t seen her for 12 years.

11 thoughts on “My very first date

  1. CW

    Thanks for sharing the story of your first date. How long did the ‘relationship’ last? Mine was probably equally humiliating but I think I will just leave it at that…

    Oh, and judging from the time of this post of yours (11:48pm), you and I blog at opposite times of the day 🙂

  2. mooiness

    We never became “bf – gf”. After that one time of going out the rest of the time we’ve seen each other was always with groups of friends in school or out. And we really only had a year and a bit before I came here.

    Blogging time: erm yeah. Just as ppl’s minds wind down, mine winds up. Hence the reason I can’t sleep any earlier. 🙂

  3. Ana

    I was surprised and completely taken aback by getting a comment on my blog. Never had many readers and it is the only outlet I have sometimes, okay all the time. I read your blog and enjoy your writing style. I was enthralled by your first date story.
    p.s.- just so you know you are on my favorites list!!

  4. Anonymous

    You are a true man! First up, your man enough to write about something true and honest. Secondly, for the whole world to know! I give you a pat in the back!

    -your secret admirer from the west-

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