A Conversation in Hokkien & English

July 8, 2005 8:10 PM

Time for a bit of levity.

“Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.”

Charlie Chaplin

On that note …

Guy 1 speaks Hokkien and bad English. Guy 2 speaks English and no Hokkien. Guy 2 just did something uncouth. The conversation follows:

Guy 1 : Eh, boh-swee lah lu!
Guy 2 : What?!
Guy 1 : You no pretty lah!
Guy 2 : Me not pretty!? Ch-yeah I hope not, I’m a guy!
Guy 1 : KNN, tor-hwee ah!
Guy 2 : What?!
Guy 1 : Vomit blood! Vomit blood!
Guy 2 : You are!? Stay away from me!
Guy 1 : Nabeh, cibai!
Guy 2 : Cibai!? I know what that means. You calling me a c*nt?!
Guy 1 : Arbo then!?
Guy 2 : F**khead!
Guy 1 : Hong kan lah lu! *ah-bish ah-bish*

Understand? No? Go here.

It’s mysterious the way our minds work. Just when I was deep in thought about the London tragedy, this little conversation popped into my head. I think it’s because I was thinking that what the terrorists did was “boh-swee”. And one thought lead to the other.

8 thoughts on “A Conversation in Hokkien & English

  1. mooiness

    I’m not the best at it either. The bulk of my vocab are the swear words. 😛 I can listen and understand but when I speak it, I have to insert English – a lot of it in the sentences.

  2. Purpletiara

    Me no speak Singlish… but i did find that TalkingCock site helpful. I now know what an Ah Beng is! (yes, i’m THAT much of a banana) U know, ever since i first saw those comics, i knew there had to be some higher form of significance to the name, but no-one i asked ever cared to enlighten me. Thank you Mooi 🙂


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