G8, poverty relief and terrorism

July 8, 2005 8:04 AM

If reports are true that the London attacks were planned to coincide with the G8 meetings, then that just bewilders me. Here we have the richest nations in the world gathered to discuss curing diseases and poverty relief among other things, and terrorists try to steal the publicity and to make a big statement.

What is that statement beyond “we hate all Westerners”? Or for that matter, “Get out of Iraq/Afghanistan”? What are they doing for world hunger and poverty? If they spent all that effort and energy hating in a more civilised manner, think of the good that they can do. Then again, maybe it’s true what Interblogger says in the comment he left me: maybe we are not dealing with hate but with some warped interpretation of the Quran. Not that they have ever had any credibility, but I thought that once they started killing their own “Muslim brothers” they have lost their rationale.

The War on Terror must continue. “Evil happens when good ppl stand by and do nothing”. It’s not popular, soldiers and civilians are dying on a daily basis but it must continue. The mostly wealthy financiers, planners and recruiters must be hunted down – there’s no reasoning with ppl who hate you for who you are and not what you did or do. In addition, extra effort must be spent on resolving the Israeli/Palestinian issue, education and poverty relief for the Middle East. The seeds of hate are sowed from ignorance, desperation and frustration. Poor ignorant ppl with no hope are too easily recruited to become terrorists.

UPDATE July 10, 2005 – I’m glad that Tony Blair is one of a few leaders in the world that realises the points I outlined above. Now if only George Bush or for that matter future presidents of the USA, and prime-ministers of Israel understands them too.

Not taking credit for it of course. 😉 Just feel a bit more optimistic now.

6 thoughts on “G8, poverty relief and terrorism

  1. jjj

    One of my friends made the following comment following the attack in UK:
    “women should lead the world, then there’d be no trouble!”
    Sounded stupid but from a female point of view, MAYBE she does have a point there, the world would be a very different place first of all, but i am not sure about the trouble free bit. What do you think?

  2. mooiness

    Perhaps – women can be more compassionate, but they also can be more vindictive. And there’s nothing scarier than a woman scorned holding her finger above the button. 😉

    Don’t forget – women can be terrorists too. There’s been female suicide bombers all over from Palestine to Sri Lanka, and to Beslan.

    To be realistic, it’s not a gender thing. It’s a “human” thing. We are good at killing each other like there’s no tomorrow.

  3. mooiness

    honeypot: to be fair, the Quran does not actually preach “women are second class”. It’s more a cultural thing than religion. Unfortunately in general, the societies that treat women as being lower also have Islam as their main religion. Hence we get a distorted view of what Islam truly is.

    But yeah to repeat my point – the world does not neccesarily become a better place if women were put in charge. 🙂


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