Expensive fruits in Japan

July 10, 2005 11:54 AM

Friend in Japan came across these. Would you pay 15,000Y (US$133.70, AU$180.20) for a square watermelon?

And the “normal” watermelon next to it costs roughly half that. How about some mangoes then?

2 for 7,800Y (US$69.50, AU$93.70). And a box of cherries for slightly less than that.

JJJ – take more photos of these kinda things. You can be my intrepid reporter in Japan. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Expensive fruits in Japan

  1. jjj

    Apparently, these square melons are the exact dimensions of Japanese fridge, allowing them to fit perfectly onto refrigerator shelves, and they don’t roll around like the normal ones!! Some will say that it might be cheaper in the long run to buy a bigger fridge, but unfortunately, in Japan, space is the limiting factor. I suppose that’s why they have to come up with this “square” idea….

  2. honeypot

    That watermelon is just so cute!
    (poses with the double peace sign)

    But looking at the price, I might think it’s easier to dump a normal watermelon into a bucket and fill it up with ice.

    Then again, USD 65 for a friggin watermelon??!! I’d rather remain constipated.

  3. mooiness

    jjj: it’s all well and good but if it costs that much to eat watermelon, I’d find alternatives. 😛

    honeypot: hahah kawaii neh?!…re: remaining constipated, yeah true that. As my mom would say, “It’s like eating gold.”

  4. JJJ

    Fruits and veg are so freaking expensive here in Japan that I don’t think the 2 fruits 5 veg campaign will work very well here…..I can tell you that I certainly havent been eating 2 fruits & 5 veg since I got to Japan! so don’t joke about being constipated ok!! haha

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