iPod madness

July 11, 2005 9:51 AM

When I shifted over from my previous blog, one of the things that I wanted to stop doing was commenting on iPod accessories. But I can’t help it, they deserve my ridicule and if you buy this one below, *you* deserve my ridicule too. I mean, come on!!!

Cnet article.

UPDATE 14th July, 2005 – This is getting out of hand.

Cnet article.

UPDATE 15th July, 2005

First there was the iPod. Then there was the iPod Mini. Following that, the iPod Shuffle. Behold – the iPod Flea.

Funny paraody that sums up exactly how I feel about iPod and all its accessories.

High-bandwith & free registration at NY Times reqd.

UPDATE 18th July, 2005

Think Sony’s Aibo is a dumb idea? Then you haven’t seen this one yet.

photo credit: Audiocubes

UPDATE 20th July, 2005 Audi-Oh Vibrator for your iPod

Nuff said.

Behold … the iParka for the your iPod Shuffle.

UPDATE 27th July 2005

Heheh…”Muff Dock“. They can’t choose a better name than that???

UPDATE 7th August, 2005

From Overheard in New York:

Man #1: I love my iPod. If it were a woman, I’d marry it.
Man #2: You’ve got some serious issues, man.

–Jane Street Coffee Shop

My sentiments exactly.

UPDATE 8th August, 2005

picture: iPod My Baby

If your parents dress you like this when you were a baby, and you develop psychological problems later on in life, I think you have grounds to sue.

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