Blogs, Privacy and Staying Employed

July 13, 2005 11:43 PM

Let me start off by stating the following:

  1. If you blog, don’t whinge about privacy.
  2. If you do worry about privacy, use a pseudonym and no specifics – especially those involving your work. You can still rant without stating names, places and dates & times. And no photos. Ever.

Having said all that, I am 100% comfortable with my blog. Comfortable enough to post pictures, talk honestly about certain things and tell friends & family about it. I am not worried about my employment status either. The reasons why are:

  1. My politics: I don’t spout extreme left or right-wing views. I’m conservative on some issues and I’m liberal on other issues.
    • I have liberal views on immigration, health, education, poverty and aid-relief to other countries.
    • I have conservative views on crime, unemployment benefits, and the WoT.

    I’m v. centrist.

  2. Sex: you can guess my sexual orientation from my stories and the way I say “girls” in my posts. But I never reveal sexual likes and dislikes and I don’t go into details. This topic is highly subjective. I don’t want strangers judging me “normal”, “dull” or “a freak” so I don’t talk about these things. Bravo and more power to bloggers like Sarong Party Girl.

    In any case, this area of my life is so dry right now I got nothing to talk about anyway. And yeah, pun definitely intended.

  3. I don’t bite the hand that feeds me: I don’t talk about work at all. That way there is no compelling reason to fire me, and I don’t burn bridges. Nor do I poison my future employment prospects in the industry that I work in. Even if I quit the industry, future employers may judge my work attitude using this. For an example of what not to do, check out Queen of the Sky.

    If I must talk about work, I’ll emulate re | me. She does it well and oh-so-anonymously. Unless you can guess who she is by looking at this:

    Then again that might not be her. It might just be XiaXue.

    Somewhere out there, someone just spat out their latte. Or maybe a macchiato or an espresso – re | me strikes me as someone who drinks strong coffee. Umm, yeah.

  4. No dirty laundry: I don’t slag off friends or family. Nor do I reveal dirty secrets. I cherish their presence in my life and I value their trust in me. If I have any misgivings, I deal with them away from here.

    Plus my mom just figured out how to use the Net … love last night’s dinner mom! Laksa tomorrow?

In conclusion, blog safely and wisely. The caution that you should exercise with e-mails applies to blogs as well. Think before you hit that “Publish” button – is this going to come back and bite me in the ass? Leave the extreme openness and exhibitionism to the uber extroverts – they deal with the consequences better.

Inspiration for this entry came from CW’s entry of which she got the inspiration for from here. *ahem* Why thank you. Thank you very much.

6 thoughts on “Blogs, Privacy and Staying Employed

  1. mooiness

    honeypot/cw: Lucky for me she’s a walking recipe book. But yes the Net thing has to be moderated: “Take a deep breath and move away from the keyboard, mom.” 😉

    cherryripe: Ahaha….shit sorry didn’t mean to make ya paranoid. I went over and saw the changed pic – yeah not bad. But I liked the one before the glasses one though. That one was anonymous enough methinks. But nvm. Do you want me to remove it from this post too? Just say the word. 😛

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