Iraqi chaos

July 16, 2005 12:20 AM

In no way comparing this to London, but 12 (count them) suicide bombers blew themselves up in Iraq yesterday killing 28 and injuring more than 100. The casualties may be lower than London on this *one* day but the sense of terror would be immense given that this is now an almost daily occurrence in the country. Meanwhile:

… former CIA chief John Deutch suggested the United States should cut its losses, pull out of Iraq promptly and never again use its military might to engage in nation-building.

I agree with the last sentiment: nation building is fraught with difficulties especially in countries with multiple ethnic groups all clamouring for power. Compare Afghanistan &amp Iraq and Germany & Japan and you will see the gaping difference right away.

However, I disagree with the pulling out of the troops immediately. Not until the Iraqis are equipped and trained well enough to handle the situation on their own. Ironically, the Iraqi army had been successful in recent times in suppressing dissent within. Once the US and coalition forces pull out, renewed international effort is needed towards the job in Afghanistan – one that was started and need to be finished (edited 17th July, 2005). Of all the problems that Iraq has, at least a semblance of infrastructure is in place.

The extra resources freed up should also then be used to tackle the roots of all this evil. Because until then, its spawn would continue to terrorise. article.

2 thoughts on “Iraqi chaos

  1. Anonymous

    You are correct just look at the Philippines (spain & america), Indonesia (dutch), lebanon (syria) and vietnam (the americans tried it again). We are now the looser 3rd world (I think 4th world in reality) countries.


  2. mooiness

    I think we can agree that a lot of geopolitical strife today are caused by the colonialism in the past. Even though there were many good things that came out of colonialism, arbitrarily drawing up borders without consideration of ethnic diversity was bound to cause tension down the line.


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