This makes me wanna weep

July 19, 2005 9:20 AM

And to think I went through kindergarden, primary sch, high sch, and university plus close to 10yrs in the industry to be at my level now. This girl took less than a third of the time it took me.

9-year-old earns accolade as Microsoft pro | CNET

Meanwhile, I can relate to this and I couldn’t word it any better so I’m link-whoring from Overheard in the Office:

Supervisor: Go to your computer and pull up the client file you showed me earlier, the one that was wrong. I need to show it to the IT people.
Worker: I can’t because I deleted it.
Supervisor: Why did you delete it?
Worker: Because you told me to.
Supervisor: Don’t do what I tell you! Do what I say.

Franklin Square
Springfield, Illinois

I didn’t break my rule of not blogging about work – I said, “I can relate” to it. It may or may not have happened to me and I cannot confirm nor deny those comments. 😛

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