The Sh*tstorm Called Kenny

July 20, 2005 9:28 AM

Yesterday, many visitors came to me via doing a search on Technorati & Bloglines using different combinations of these 3 terms: kenny sia, spg, & xiaxue. I in turn visited those that visited me and those that were shown on the Technorati/Bloglines search results. I left comments wherever I had something to say to the authors and the situation in general. I thought that that’d be it for me but nope – I still have sh*t to say and I don’t like feeling constipated.

The question that kept gnawing at me was: why do ppl have so much emotional investment in Kenny’s private life and for that matter, his girlfriend’s? So much so that they’d abuse a virtual stranger for what he is supposedly doing to his gf and their relationship. Why do you care??? Are you paying him for his writing? No? Then you don’t own him. If he’s brave enough to bare his soul to the world, let him do it. Posting up that photo (warning: definitely not worksafe) may have been ill-advised and may have been slightly impulsive. I know for sure that if I had a gf, she definitely wouldn’t approve. But hey, as Kenny would say, he’s got “big coconuts”. If he can deal with the consequences, let him. It’s his blog, his prerogative.

I know: with fame comes responsibility or something like that. But you know what – if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Kenny’s not in your face, and you have to know his URL to see the site. If you’re a parent and you’re complaining about nudity – be a parent! Monitor your child’s internet activitives and quit putting the onus on others.

If all the supposed “fans” who criticised him think that they are doing something good, then they are wrong. They’ve now made Kenny think twice about his writing and whether or not he should even have a blog. If he stops writing, who loses? Those who moralised about this issue, I ask you this: have you ever bought and read the tabloids? Do you self-induldingly flip through the gossip mags at the hairdressers or barbers? Do you steal a look at your gf’s magazines? If your answer is “yes” then what is the difference between what Kenny did and the stuff in the tabloids? You already like reading this kind of stuff, you hypocrites.

For all we know, Kenny and his gf may have split up (as pointed out to me by honeypot, for the lack of posts about her in the last month or so) and he just hadn’t posted about it, which is understandable. So in hindsight, his photo with SPG may have just been a bit of harmless fun. Yes I think bare breasts are harmless fun if both are consenting adults. But if you don’t feel the same – don’t visit the site! Kenny and SPG didn’t raise the sh*tstorm. XX, her fans, and Kenny’s so-called fans did. Why are you all so anal?

I for one would hope that Kenny would continue to write honestly because if he doesn’t, that defeats the entire point of a blog and why we read it in the first place. And, for the last f**king time – it’s only a blog! Lighten up!

15 thoughts on “The Sh*tstorm Called Kenny

  1. Anonymous

    where dem titties!?
    i read all this and still no titties?
    thats like reading the script to a porn flick you don’t get to watch!
    i want my titties!!

  2. honeypot

    xialanxue is quite funny,thanks for the link.Before xx fans flame me, I’ve gotta say that I DO read xiaxue.
    Even if it is a love triangle,or KS had split up with his long term gf, or there WAS something more to the night KS and XX hung out till 5am, we don’t really have the right to judge the man. It is HIS life, we are the invaders reading his blog.
    And in case anyone remember, SPG does NOT go for Asian men.That I do find quite judgemental on her end, but again, we ARE the invaders.

    Don’t like? Don’t read.

  3. mooiness

    buttsh4k3r: it’s all good that good bloggers get recognition. I just hope it doesn’t descend into a bitch fest like the Sporean scene is.

    anonymous: SBS during the day eh? You’re more high-brow than I thought. 😛 But you’re right, storm in an A-cup (or is it B?). 😉

  4. Curtis G.

    Good gravy. This is all quite amusing. Back when I started reading Brown and Miyagi and Kenny, it was all quite tame and charming. Suddenly there’s this, as you so aptly put it, sh!tstorm. Whew. As I commented at Kenny’s, “And they call American conservatives puritanical.”

    I’m not sure why these people think that someone’s putting up a blog allows readers to comment on anything and everything about them, but hey–opinions are like a**holes. I dig Kenny and I’m sure he can handle what he’s taken on. Except SPG, of course. Even if SPG was interested in non-Caucasian guys, I’ve read enough of her blog to know that she would eat Kenny alive and spit out the bones.

    Hell, she’d even give me a run for my money. And that’s saying something. 🙂

    (Hey, thanks for blog-rolling me!)

  5. mooiness

    curtis: yeah man. As someone once said, “It’s all gone to hell.” 😉 This unholy bitch-fest that is the Singapore scene right now is just very ugly.

    Yes assholes – everyone’s got them. I was hoping that Kenny would’ve stuck to his guns and kept that post up. Now I can just imagine him thinking twice about everything that he puts up and losing his spontaneity and wit along the way.

    Re:SPG – yeah, that woman would make someone go, “OMG! She killed Kenny!” Hah! Actually if she veers off her path and do an Asian, I would put my hand up and go along for the sweet and brutal, albeit brief ride. 😛

    No worries about the blog roll. 🙂


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