XiaXue got hacked

July 21, 2005 7:56 AM

Woah, XiaXue’s blog got hacked last night. And here I thought the whole saga was over. Everything is gone – you’d know what I mean when you see it. Shite. Someone went through a lot of trouble to do it too. I better find out how to back this sh*t up. 😛

11 thoughts on “XiaXue got hacked

  1. ~*Starryluvly*~

    lmao! I didn’t realise that her blog was hacked into! I tried uploading it last night, and I thought blogger was acting up!

    Someone must REALLY hate Xiaxue to want to do that to her blog. Pity her (to a certain exent) – I’d be devasted if my few years of blog entries were deleted.

  2. mooiness

    Yeah I know. Which sorta jolted me: how do we do a backup? Went and see Blogger Help – it’s not a str8 fwd thing to do.

    Yes pity her in a way – basically 3 years of her memoirs and musings gone just like that.

  3. The Princess

    Hi Mooiness,

    Didn’t realize her blog got hacked till I read your entry, although I’m a fellow S’porean, although the news got published on the frontpage of our national papers. Big deal right?

    Anyway, just wanna say (free speech is allowed on your blog right i hope?), I didn’t realize you’re a fan of Xiaxue. Why so? So it’s not just about S’porean taste right? I don’t know. Her entries are quite disturbing, and i never like her. Don’t understand why somebody took so much pain to get back at her though.

  4. mooiness

    princess: i’m not a fan. I’ve always said it – it’s a guilty pleasure to see what she writes next. It’s like watching a car accident you know. You know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help it. 😛

    As for that person who hacked into her account, well I must say that it’s probably has been building up for a while now. She doesn’t come across as the nicest person in her blog. 😉


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