Ruvinda’s Wedding

July 24, 2005 6:27 PM

I wasn’t in the best of moods this morning. I clipped a kerb last night on the way back from clubbing, bursting a tyre and cracking my front bumper. I didn’t sleep well and I woke up hung over. Plus the traffic was lousy on the way to the luncheon. But there’s something about weddings – the joy in the air and the wedded couple’s bliss – that just rubs off on you. And so it was for a few hours that I forgot about my own sh*t and reveled in my friend’s happiness.

Ruvinda and Edweena walking to their table.

The newly-weds listening to the best man. The speech was good – lotsa stuff about Ruvinda suddenly getting a fashion sense and realising the importance of personal hygiene after he met Edweena.

Ruvinda giving his speech.

Ruvinda and Nish – his best man, cracking a joke.

The bridal waltz.

Cutting the cake. The cake looked like a bed of pillows – amazing. I normally do not like eating wedding cakes but this was delicious.

On their way out. Walking the tunnel of love. That phrase just popped into my head.

In their getaway car.

Inside the car. I think Ruvinda did a peace sign there … again. But the man has a hot wife so I’ll cut him some slack. 😛

The groom’s cousin, the best man (also a friend since high school) and me. To appear even more shorter than you already are, stand next to tall people. 😉

Full size photos are here.

10 thoughts on “Ruvinda’s Wedding

  1. Anonymous

    First time I saw a wedding car in the form of a Hyundai Triburon? What’s it called in Australia again? Congrats to Ruvindra and wifey! It was just unfortunate they chose Nish as their best man. I wouldn’t! hahahaha j/k. Where is the slacker Vei? Thought he was in Perth? It would’ve been smart Marc to stand on the other side not beside Nish for Christ’s sakes. Anyone who stands beside Nish would look short.


  2. mooiness

    manila: it’s called the Tiburon here too. 🙂 Nah man, Nish was a good best man – his speech was great. Funny without being revealing or insulting. 😛 Slacker Vei went back to Syd but was here for the buck’s night. Dunno why he didn’t planned to come back during the wedding tho.

    About appearing shorter, ah heck….I’d look short standing next to anyone I know who’s not under the age of 10. 😛

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