Mom from HELL

July 25, 2005 11:32 AM

No not mine – mine’s a saint. 😉 There’s nothing like other ppl’s misery to make your problems pale into insignifance.

This is a high-bandwidth long-ass video of a 16 yr old kid being berated by his mom for not lending her some money. You’ll understand why he didn’t when you watch it or rather hear it. I feel for the kid and pity the poor father for trying to mediate.

(warning: video is worksafe but the audio is definitely not).

Link found by way of Clicked @MSNBC.

8 thoughts on “Mom from HELL

  1. CW

    I listened to it at 5:30 this morning. Bad idea – I had to shut my room door so that I didn’t wake the household with the screeching. It is too depressing to think that there are people whose relationships are that F***ed up out there. I kept wondering what the mother’s story was – although she certainly came out of that episode looking (sounding!) like a lunatic, I can’t help but think that it always takes two!

  2. mooiness

    cw: hahah yeah loony alright. You could be right about it takes two – I mean from the mom’s point of view, the son owes her for everything that he has. On the other hand, all the son was asking for was for her to speak to him nicely.


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