Dating as a science

July 27, 2005 9:08 AM

This is so obvious I don’t know why no one has ever thought of it before. A bunch of researchers in London has come up with a theory: An expensive present may signal a man’s intentions but he may run the risk of a gold-digger ditching him after receiving the gift. So what’s the alternative?

… girls won’t be impressed with cheap gifts. By offering expensive but worthless gifts, such as dinner and theatre trips, the male pays no cost if the invitation isn’t accepted.

Wahahah! Sweet! Still I’ve never ever actually bought jewelry and the like in the beginning of the courtship. Cannot show your hand too early, right? The type of guys who would do that are either rich, a sucker, or both.

Damn it though, women have the greatest arsenal available to them: sex. A woman has to merely dangle the smallest possibility of sex in front of a man and he’s hers to control. And the power she’d wield over you is directly correlated to the length of time since you’ve last had any. So really sometimes you just can’t help but be a sucker ‘cos you are horny. 😛

I’m not going to be patronising and say that I wish I was a woman in that respect but I have to say, for once I’d like a girl to court me and buy *me* dinner. It’s very tiring and expensive for us guys leh. 😉

Full news article here.

4 thoughts on “Dating as a science

  1. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Actually, I think I’d be quite spooked if a guy who wasn’t my boyfriend started showering me with gifts; whether they’re expensive or not!

    And one thing the researchers in London need to realise – why would a gold digger waste time on an average income man? By nature, they’d be hanging out at all the posh places and trying to increase her social connections so that she can hook herself a rich boyfriend which she hopes will marry. In that case, the sugar daddies can afford to lavish attention on her – and in doing so contribute to the economy. lol. So normal men could actually benefit what!! Imagine if he bought her a diamond bracelet – the following people will benefit:

    – the jeweller
    – the one who makes the gift box
    – the supplier of the diamonds
    – the one who makes the wrapping materials
    – the people who transport all these around.
    – the people who help generate the electricity in the places which manufacture the different components.

    See – very beneficial mah!!! lol

    Tiring and expensive for you guys?? Things get tiring and expensive for girls too! We cook you boys dinner, we menstruate because you don’t want to have kids (considering they’re gonna be thrown away, pads are very expensive you know!) and when you do decide you want kids, we carry them for nine months and then there’s labour!!! lol

    And fyi, the innocent look and fluttery lashes are the first line of the attack. Then a low cut top is the secondary wave. Only when those fail, do we move on to the heavy artillery – sex.

    (yes my four hours of sleep are obviously causing me to spout nonsense.)

  2. mooiness

    starry: if you can write like this half-awake, please remain half-awake all the time. Hahhaha….but obviously that’s not possible. So nvm lah! Your usual comments are good enough. 🙂

    Nothing to hate. Nope. Zip. Nada. Kosong. Gi-ro.


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