15 thoughts on “Reintroduction

  1. Purpletiara

    OMG i do those home-made mochas too! And it is the only way i can have instant coffee. I once had a mocha at Starbucks (not my choice of venue, and i didn’t pay for it either) and it tasted EXACTLY THE SAME!

  2. mooiness

    angel eyes: I’m in Perth. You’d have fun on the Gold Coast – if you like the beach lifestyle and the amusement parks. The parks are awesome. 🙂

    purpletiara: hahaha I would say the only reason that Starbuck’s would taste the same as a homemade one is because the coffee that they use is not fantastic to begin with. If you take a real shot of espresso and you mix it with some drinking chocolate – mmmmm.

  3. jktdo

    What an impressive list!
    Maybe it’s only impressive to someone with a significantly reduced memory capacity as myself because I would not have been able to pull a list like that, even if I did a detailed longititudinal study on myself.
    Ah well, I commend you anyway =)

  4. mooiness

    vandice: only in recent yrs – we were cats and dogs before. After he got a bit more mature our rship improved markedly. But yes I gave him both. The car was an encouragement for him to graduate uni; the restaurant was becoz I had an offer to go back into IT and my mom said, “give it to your brother lah!” So I did. 🙂

  5. CW

    Ooh, thanks Mooiness! Very interesting 🙂

    Hey Cherry, just do a few at a time. I added to my list over a few days rather than trying to get it all out in one sitting. Which is why it took me around 15 hours to get my 100…


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