Being Internet-savvy in the early 90s

July 28, 2005 9:54 AM

I’m a geek, I might as well just embrace it.

You know you are the first generation of Internet-savvy kids in the early 90s if:

  1. Your first web-browser was Mosaic.
  2. Your first email client was Pine.
  3. You know the commands: finger, talk and ytalk.
  4. You had a “plan” – quirky ASCII art and gibberish that ppl see when they finger you.
  5. When you first found porn on the Web, you thought: “This is free?! How cool is that?”
  6. You downloaded said porn from a newsgroup, eg. “”
  7. You participated in online discussions on other newsgroups, much like you do now on blogs.
  8. You write your name on a timesheet to use the library terminal to “talk”.
  9. You get frustrated when ppl before you overstay their allocated time-slot so you hover behind them trying to make them feel uncomfortable.
  10. You get a high as soon as you log in.
  11. You get an even bigger high when you see that you’ve got new email messages.
  12. You then become practically orgasmic when you get a “talk” request.
  13. You only pick female-sounding (or male) usernames to talk to.
  14. You would “talk” to a friend even though he or she is just right next to you.
  15. When you got no one to talk to or email to, you instinctively type in “finger” every 5 seconds – hoping that someone that you know would magically appear.
  16. If fingering your local university network doesn’t show any names, you obsessively finger any other universities that you know the network name to.
  17. You get depressed when you log on and you have no emails and no one to talk to.
  18. Even then, you would remain logged in staring at the screen ever so wishfully.
  19. When you first discovered IRC, you immediately went to #sex.
  20. You also checked out #hottub and #netsex.
  21. You know and overuse the command “/me”, eg. “/me slaps Alicia with a cold trout.” WTF?!
  22. You helped spread the use of net-lingo: ttyl, afk, bbl, brb, lol, lmao, rofl, roflmao, a/s/l?
  23. You have done IRC sex and at the time you thought that it was hella cool.
  24. You’ve had IRC gatherings.
  25. You’ve snail-mailed your photo to an online friend.
  26. and I shall end with …

  27. When you discovered blogs, your first thought was: if they have had this back then …

How did you remember it? 🙂

14 thoughts on “Being Internet-savvy in the early 90s

  1. mooiness

    vandice: hahaha. cool! will see if you got anything to add to this. 🙂

    starry: i used to have a problem of continually refreshing my Hotmail page. Hahaaahha…..but not to worry, your empty inboxes can be replaced by the comments on your blog. 🙂

  2. mooiness

    starry: hahhaa….you know what you can do. I’m sure you’ve set your blog to send you an email whenever someone leaves a comment right? You don’t have to check – MSN or Gmail will prompt you if you’ve got new comments. But as for checking other blogs – yeah I do that too especially when I’ve left a comment. 😉

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