Crazy Frog and his penis

July 28, 2005 11:19 AM

If you know Crazy Frog (who doesn’t?!) then you’d know that he used to have a penis. Australian TV have since put a little black bar (marked “censored”) over it. iTunes in the USAiii has gone one better and just lopped it off. But they fail to notice that he’s sitting astride a flaming phallic object with a red tip. Oh, the irony.

crazy frog

Original story at The Register.

6 thoughts on “Crazy Frog and his penis

  1. CW

    I don’t understand this fear of sex. It’s like, “Oh we have to ban GTA because your avatar can have sex with prostitutes in this game”. If you want to ban a game, what about the violence – gang wars, theft, carjacking etc?? (I am not saying it should be banned, just confused at the reasoning)

    Or “Omigod The Sims is evil because you can tweak it so that you can see your Sim’s nekkidness”.

    Geeez get over it already people!


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