10 thoughts on “Has it come to this?

  1. mooiness

    Yup – that’s for sure. And it’s scary now that the UK police have adopted a more aggresive policy towards it all. When the police are nervous and have trigger fingers, shit…..

  2. Kitazawa

    Probably the best selling sign postings nowadays is the one that carries the design of a sharp shooter taking aim at a man with a sack … Oh Shit ! Santa will be shot under such engaging rules …

  3. CW

    Heard the latest? Here in sunny Perth the pollies are actually debating whether they should be able to ban backpacks on public transport. Are they serious??

    Maybe they should just ban all bags on public transport!

  4. mooiness

    manila: yup – don’t even think about running if you are late. 😉

    christie: exactly – it’s a wet slippery slope to racial profiling at its most despicable. I’m thinking of a situation like what the Japanese went through in WW2 in the USA; or like the one depicted in the movie “The Siege”.

    cw: hahah, oh no….what the hell. What are students gonna use then???? What are the grocery shoppers gonna carry their groceries with? What are moms gonna carry their baby stuff with? I can see why something has to be done but surely there’s a better way?

  5. Curtis G.

    All backpacks must be made of transparent plastic. Problem solved.

    So is everything reversed down there? Up here, it’s the LEFT-wingers who’d be screaming about “violation of civil rights” and racial profiling.

    I think the notice was poorly worded, but if even I in my infinite Whiteness were to wear a trenchcoat and a big backpack and go running frantically past armed police officers who were telling me to stop, I’m sure I’d still be shot.

    The question remains: What if the Brazilian HAD been carrying a bomb and HAD detonated it and the cops HADN’T tried to stop him? Life is much easier for Monday morning quarterbacks.

  6. mooiness

    curtis: transparent bags would solve the problem but how successful do you think it’d be? Ppl don’t other ppl to see the shit that they have. Unless it becomes law (which would be quite draconian) it may be a hard sell.

    when I said the right-winders would have a field day with it, I meant that it will give them an excuse to dredge up racist and anti-foreigner rhetorics.

    Yes you make a good point – with the police being nervous you don’t want to be alarming them unneccesarily by doing stuff like running when they ask you to stop. I wondered though – why did the Brazilian ran when asked to stop? I have this scenario that maybe he thought something big was gonna go down so he was trying to get away? And he got confused thinking that the police wasn’t yelling at him? Or he was genuinely late for something? Hmmm.


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