McD WiFi

July 29, 2005 8:58 AM

I’ve just put my car in for the suspension to be checked out and I’ve got at least 2 hours to kill. So here I am at a McD using their WiFi – pretty good speed except it’s $26 for 2 hours! F**k that’s expensive. Oh well beggers can’t be choosers.

So anyways, some observations:

  1. There’s a hot chick sitting in front of me eating by herself. Tall, Eurasian looking with one of those bandannas on her head. Wooo. She’s fidgetting with her stuff: bag, phone, hair, makeup. Think she’s killing time too. *sigh* There’s no way to approach a pretty girl in a public place without coming across creepy now, is there? 😉
  2. There are a lot of moms with their kids here – some are screaming their heads off. I’m getting a mild headache.
  3. There’s some pensioners in here enjoying coffee and the like. They look happy.
  4. There are quite a lot of men in suits here too – bloody hell, it’s almost 9 and they got time to come here and enjoy breakfast. I’d normally be in the office by now.
  5. McD’s coffee is so-so only.
  6. The smell of the fries is making me hungry again.
  7. I wonder if I can stay here the whole day just observing people?? It’s more fun than being in the office that’s for sure. They’ve got real nice comfy seats.
  8. No wait, I forgot it’s $26 for every 2-hour block. F**k.

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  1. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Because it’d be hard to explain to my parents why I was skipping school. Besides, it was pre A Levels, and I found studying with my ex (who was a smarty pants) easier than listening to the tutors at college.


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