Suddenly Recluse

July 30, 2005 11:55 AM

So I don’t have a car this weekend, and possibly the next weekend as well. This is because the rear suspensions were f**ked, and once those are fixed I gotta send it to the spoiler shop to get the front bumper replaced.

Anyway the point of this post is this: I do have other means of transport but I lost the mood to socialise and to go out for possibly the next few weekends. I think I can attribute this to me being a typical Capricorn. Anything that disturbs my usual rhythm just unsettles me completely. That and the fact that I’m anxious about how much all this is gonna cost me, which is another reason I don’t feel like spending on frivilous activities right now. I’ve already paid for new tyres, and I know how much the replacement front bumper costs but I don’t yet know how damaged the rear suspensions are and how much bleeding I’d have to do to cover it.

I’m not claiming all this on insurance because of not wanting to lose my NCB (I already pay too much as it is!) and also I can choose how and where I would do the repairs if I go it myself. But knowing that almost my entire pay for the next month will be gone because of this little accident just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not that I don’t have savings or I won’t have money for food. It’s not that at all – I’ll live but it feels like a chunk of my spirit got ripped out of me when I hit that kerb. Damn it.

All I feel like doing now is stay at home, be with my family, and rot my brain in front of the TV and the net. And this – blogging. My tenious grip on the health of my nerves relies on it. Without an outlet, I think I’d lose it completely and curl into a ball under the blankets.

Listening to more of Mr. Brown’s podcasts did alleviate the mood a little. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Suddenly Recluse

  1. Anonymous

    Have you also thought of trying not to hit the curb at high speeds? Or getting sober before driving? I think those two things are life and pocket savers dude! You should be happy your still alive. We learn lessons each step of the way.


  2. mooiness

    starry: I’ve just turned a corner and on a straight road already. But I think I may have took it for granted and proceeded to speed up to the speed limit (and that’s true ;)) but the road was wet and before I knew it I was sliding sideways. Both wheels ended up hitting the kerb and the front bumper bounced off it so that’s how that got cracked, along with the damages to the tyres and suspension.


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