Heated keyboards?

August 1, 2005 9:41 AM

Those of you who type a lot – that’s *everyone* of you who reads this, would know that cold fingers and typing do not go together. And sometimes, having the heater on doesn’t make a difference because your feet are still cold, and so are your fingers. What’s up with that, anyway?

I wonder if there are companies out there thinking about making a heated keyboard. Hey, if they can make heated toilet seats, they can make heated keyboards! Warm soothing air blowing up at your fingers from the keyboard. That’d be sibei shiok ah. Woohoo!

You read it here first. 🙂

Nabeh! Someone stole my loaf of bread from the office kitchen! KNN. $2 only what. Can go buy yourself right?! F**kers.

13 thoughts on “Heated keyboards?

  1. JJJ

    Got one already….using a Compaq laptop (which is crap) coz it overheats easily, I think the fan is not working properly (or that the fan is blowing the hot air up the keypad). Anyway, I am using it as fingers warmer as we speak..hehe)

  2. JJJ

    You kidding or what? Will just die?

    Remember the problem I was complaining where the laptop shuts down without warning? Well, did some research and found that other people with same model have the same problem, and now I am using my laptop on top of a cooling pad, which sorta helps minimising the number of time shut down per day.

  3. Miss L

    have you tried typing with fitted latex gloves – the kind “ideal for food handling”?

    Wool gloves are just hopeless for this. Even the ones without the finger tips, cos then you have a warm hand, but cold fingertips – but a nice snug fitting latex glove might do the trick!

  4. mooiness

    miss L: yeah that’s an idea but my fingers would still be cold. 😛 And I would now also look weird at the same time – like I have some sort of fetish for keyboards. Hahahah….

  5. Miss L

    Actually latex traps heat. It’s more likely your fingers and palms would get sweaty.

    And if you’re worried about people thinking you’re weird, just tell them you’re ‘fingering’ ;). Oh wait… that might actually make matters worse. 😛

    Oh and thanks for removing the ‘philistine/snob’ label.

  6. Miss L

    Oh… well… some people weren’t too happy when i mentioned that i was thinking of abandoning my msn space. So i think i’ll still keep it for rants etc. The blogspot one is more for daily thoughts/musings etc. i don’t think many ppl would find it too interesting. I’m just writing for myself. Put the barbie spoof one instead ;).


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