Smoking restrictions in Western Australia

August 2, 2005 1:12 PM

Reading Blinkymummy’s post (is there an echo chamber in here or what?!) about the upcoming smoking restrictions to be enforced in Singapore prompted me to outline the restrictions that are already in place in Western Australia (sourced from Australian Council on Smoking &amp Health):

  • No smoking in restaurants, cafes (except their alfresco areas) and at the Burswood Casino (excluding the International Room)
  • Pubs/Clubs: smoking prohibited within one metre of the bar (enforcement varies across clubs – those with higher “ethnic” clientele tend to be very relaxed about it). This basically means that you can smoke in the club but not within one metre of the bar.

This will change very soon:

  • Smoking would be limited to one room only in any licensed premises (pubs/clubs) by November 1, 2005
  • A total smoking ban in all enclosed public places would be in place by July 2006 – yes this means what it means. Smoking is not allowed in any buildings, not even in a separate enclosed room with a big-ass exhaust vent sucking the smoke out.

What does this mean for smokers? This basically confines them to their homes or outdoor areas, eg. alfresco areas of cafes and restaurants, parks & beaches. However, city councils are currently looking at banning smoking in public outdoor areas completely because of the butt-littering problem. And most restaurants already do not allow smoking in their alfresco areas and that number will only increase.

So ultimately what are you left with? Your home. But if you are a high-roller who smokes, you can make your way into the International Room at the Burswood Casino because rich gamblers are treated differently from you and I. 😉

8 thoughts on “Smoking restrictions in Western Australia

  1. liverpudlian

    Here in canada, smoking in public places, i.e. patios, pool halls, pubs or any closed area’s prohibited. Sounds gay, but hey it works. Less smoky places, and i think its good for everyone. People get too cold for smoking in -40 winter weather, so they quit. lol

  2. mooiness

    liverpudlian: Smoking makes u feel even more cold? Really? But I’ve never smoked in sub-zero temperatures before. 🙂

    liverpudlian/starry: Yes in general I do agree that less smoke in public places is good but it’s such an ingrained culture – especially in pubs and clubs that it will make it a very difficult transition for some.

  3. ~*Starryluvly*~

    is it really that ingrained a culture in clubs/pubs here? I personally don’t find them too smoky in perth, where as in Singapore, I’ve exited a bar absolutely reeking of ciggy smoke. And no, I don’t smoke.

  4. mooiness

    starry: Oh yes. 😉 Depends on which bars you go to. The trendier ones are less smoky but it doesn’t matter if it’s trendy or not, there’d be smokers. If you’ve hung out with English or Irish ppl, it’s almost like a reflex action for them to have a pint of beer and a pack of ciggies in front of them.

    However, you tend to see more younger ppl in Asia smoking as compared to here. I don’t know why that is so. Is it an image thing? Hmm.

    Side note: Even when I was smoking regularly, I was only doing max 2 sticks a day. It was when I was running the restaurant. It was always after work – sitting down with a cold beer and a smoke. Relax. Now more a social smoker but even then I can’t really remember when was the last time I smoked – it was that long ago. I’ve reformed. 🙂

  5. Kitazawa

    Sigh~ Poor me , poor smoker …
    The lucky thing is I am in Thailand and it will definitely take sometime before the freaking rule affects here.
    If they authority hates it sooo much, why don’t they learn from (I forgotten which country) to totally ban the import of tobacco …
    If not it just show that they are actually not that keen on prohibiting smoking ( Hope it won’t happen , Amen~)

  6. Junyi

    FUCK! u’re serious?? i’ve heard about establishments here like the Brisbane Hotel banning smoking but i always tot it was purely based on the choice of the management. but in hindsight, smoking is still allowed indoors in places like Pot Black. i’ll dread to see the day when i’ll have squeeze my way out of Metro just to light up.

  7. mooiness

    kitazawa: you’re right – a lot of governments still get a hefty cut form ciggie taxes.

    junyi: Hahah I see you a Perthite too. Well you know what, you just may have to do that – when the law comes into effect and if Metro don’t restrict smoking inside, the staff have a right to sue. And it won’t be good for any of us if Metro goes out of business. 😉


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