In a Strip Club

August 15, 2005 12:01 AM

Men are weak and simple. No where is this more evident than inside a strip club. Here are some reasons why. As a male:

  1. You gleefully fork over the entrance fee to merely be given the chance to look at naked women.
  2. You then gleefully buy “tipping dollars” – which are non-refundable money that’s only valid for use inside the club and only that club – to be given to the strippers when they tease you. That’s right, you’d pay extra to get teased.
  3. You also gleefully put up with the higher prices of the drinks because hey – you get to look at naked women.
  4. The women have all the power in this environment – they can touch you but you can’t touch them. Try it and you’d be hauled out of there by one of the burly bouncers before you’d even know what happened.
  5. Know how bad it hurts when a regular woman rejects you? It hurts even more when you are holding a wad of tipping dollars and the strippers don’t pay any attention to you. Now that hurts.
  6. If you like an extended session of teasing, you pay an exorbitant amount of money ($50-$60) for a 3-song private lap dance. That’s $50-$60 for 10 minutes of teasing. Did I mention it’s still only TEASING?!
  7. Despite all of the above, we’d willingly go back again.

I had spoken to a woman a while back who was a university student. She stripped to supplement her income and help pay for school. It’s good money and if she had the courage to do it, more power to her.

I definitely respect the women in this line of work. And I don’t mean it in a patronising way, or because if I don’t respect them in the club I’d get thrown out. No, I respect them because they are self-confident and smart. Self-confident because they feel comfortable to have absolute strangers look at their naked bodies. Smart because they know they can earn good money by taking advantage of the innate nature of men – we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to naked women.

25 thoughts on “In a Strip Club

  1. Miss L

    So what explains the ambivalence towards some women (ie, girlfriends, partners, wives) who are willing to do that and more for free?

    The “only want what you can’t have” theory?

  2. mooiness

    Actually teasing is a great part of foreplay and I’d love it if my partner did it for me. But you are right tho: there’s always a thrill in seeing something else that you don’t normally see – this goes for both men and women.

  3. ~*Starryluvly*~

    cute teddy. hee hee. I am tempted to use it for my MSN messenger profile. lol.

    See this is why you get a girlfriend – personal stripper! lol Although you pay much more than entrance fee and tipping dollars to maintain girlfriend…. lol.

  4. JJJ

    I am sure a lot of men inside the strip clubs are not single either (correct me if I am wrong, as I have never been to one before..hah). Some men will still pay to see a strip tease, on top of maintainance fee for their gf/partner..hehe….Maybe, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence !???!

  5. mooiness

    honeypot: yeah ain’t it? oo-la-la. Damn I’m sick! 😛

    starry: hah erm yeah it costs more but you get more in return. Emotional intimacy and all that. Blah blah. 😉

    jjj: yes as I’ve mentioned above – looking at something that we don’t get to see normally is always exciting.

  6. Anonymous

    so are you implying you go often to strip joints? gf’s are more expensive to maintain while wives are cheaper. Why? gf’s are like demo cars while wives are old second-hand depreciated cars. 🙂


  7. Junyi

    i’ve only been to a strip club once and that was the one in northbridge opposite brass monkey. it wasn’t as exotic as i tot, hell, none of the girls even stripped cos’ no one bought the girls any tipping dollars. being the cheapskates that we are, me and my frens just stood around, drinking and hoping that someone else would pay and we’ll watch LOL. well at least the beer there was cheap.

  8. mooiness

    junyi: Exotica right? I go there too. Improved a lot since. I remember a few years back where there was absolutely shocking looking girls working there. 😉

    starry: hello!? But the women in the classes don’t take their clothes off! 😛

    miss L: you can rent out Carmen Elektra’s pole-dancing workout DVD.

  9. mooiness

    starry: absolutely no diff. Therefore if you go, you must be willing to buy the tipping dollars. 😉 Yes my imagination can work wonders but I’m sure the girls who go to these classes would not like an audience – especially if they are learning just for aerobic reasons or if they only wanted their partners to see them like that. 🙂

  10. m

    Well I’m offended. I’m a man (I can prove it 😉 and I have had absolutely no desire to ever go to a strip club. It just seems so much drooling over nothing.

    Don’t get me wrong, porn turns me on just like any other man but strip clubs are just seedy places where guys go to justify that its okay to perv on women and to show up their masculinity to their mates.

    I always seen stip club regulars as a sorry excuse for the weaker sex.

    Also, it is the emotional intimacy that really kicks the sex up a notch. You guys should try it out, you’d be surprised.

  11. mooiness

    m: I never said emotional intimacy isn’t good. Read my comments above. I mentioned something about getting more in return with a woman that you love. 😉

    Having said that I don’t see the harm – I don’t see the places as a substitute for a good healthy relationship with a “real” woman. It’s just escapism. As for the pervs, isn’t it better that they get their jollies in a controlled environment rather than not? 🙂

  12. CW

    And just playing devil’s advocate here – surely drooling over porn is just as much drooling over nothing? Porn is quite removed from you (depending on how close you sit to the monitor or how faraway you prop the mag), innit? Whereas in a club the woman is right there in your face? (or lap, whatever the case may be)

    Just thinking about it all…

  13. m

    The emotional intimacy comment was directed at ~*Starryluvly*~.

    thinking about it more, I think the issue I have with ‘strip clubs’ though is that they seem to me to encourage stereotypical ‘masculine’ behaviour. I don’t think I would have as much an issue with it if it’s one on one. Much like I dont have an issue with brothels per se. I have an issue with groups of jeering men. I have an issue with ‘laddish’ behavior. To me it’s these things that encourage bad behaviour to women on streets by groups of men on nights out.

  14. m

    cw: I’ve always seen porn an strip clubs as different things. To me porn is all about getting your endorphin fix whereas strip clubs seem to be more about male bonding rituals.

    As for those who go there solely for thier endorphin fix they should wise up. There are many other better and less expensive ways to get it.

  15. CW

    Well, I’d have to agree with you there on the bad behaviour, M! Having lived near The Site for many years in the past, it was terrible to have packs of feral males come out of that place (a very seedy strip club) and behave like wild animals…

    I do see what you mean about male bonding rituals!!

    As for endorphins, didn’t the New Scientist call them antidepressants? 🙂

    Ok sorry for taking over your comments, Mooiness. Me and M can *discuss* this later 😉 (For other readers, M is my husband lah! 🙂 )

  16. mooiness

    m/cw: wah I leave for a few minutes and this is what I came back into? Hahahhaa….actually you guys made good arguments. It’s a highly debatable topic that’s for sure and let’s not start on the feminist/male-chauvinist aspects of it all. I think we can just leave it at: it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and I respect that. 😉

    And oh, I can just envision your dinner conversation tonight. Hahahha. 😛

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  18. carol

    It is hard enough for a young woman dealing with someone they love being in a stripclub. Imagine how an older woman in her fifties feels when her husband enters into one of these places. Are bodies are not young anymore, and even if we exercise you can’t turn a model T Ford into a mercedes….my husband made that comment to me once as a joke….but after he went to the stripclub it wasn’t so funny. He went one night while I was out of town and witheld the information from me.I found out a month latter when from out of nowhere a reciept showed up while I was cleaning house! He used our A.T.M. …..said he took money to loan his other older married friends for a lapdance? This was not his character and I often wonder what else he was hiding? I thought we had a great sex life, but what does a woman know? It hurt me very badly. how can a woman my age compare to the young beautiful girls he oogled at? It is hard for me to feel good in front of him naked now. We had some counseling over it. …But it still bothers me. It took something away from our intimacey…. I can’t help it. We have daughters older than those young girls and so did his friends that paid for extas. I can’t help but look at these men differently. It scares me. Also grandaughters. He was afraid when I found out and promised he would never do it again…..Thats wonderfull , but it will hurt my heart till my last breath. Any comments from older women affected by this would be appreciated.
    Thanks Carol


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