8 in a Kancil?

August 18, 2005 8:01 AM

How do you pack 8 ppl into a Perodua Kancil (a car roughly the size of a Mini)?

Only a 2-yr old child was killed in the accident involving the Kancil and a Wira. I said “only” because a total of 10 ppl were involved in the accident. It’s no less tragic though. For those of you who haven’t ever seen these kinda things: squeezing as many ppl into a car or onto a motorcycle is a national pastime in Malaysia.

No sh*t it’s dangerous! But when a family can only afford one form of private transporation, you’d always get ppl doing things like this.

New Straits Times – Malaysia News Online

7 thoughts on “8 in a Kancil?

  1. Anonymous

    Sometimes from a rich nation’s point of view it’s crazy but from a 3rd world citizen’s point of view, this scene is normal. Squeezing as many people on a car is justifiable knowing that the average monthly wage is measly. Since it happened in Malaysia, then that’s stupid, Malaysia ain’t that poor! 🙂


  2. JJJ

    When I was working up north in a remote community one year, , we borrowed a ute from a local to do some sightseeing. We managed to squeezed 5 full grown adult in the front seats (front seats meaning the driver and the ONE passenger seat), one of the lady was sitting with the gear stick in between her legs (and it was a manual of coz). Two others were sitting sideway with one of their legs up on the dashboard. Being the shortest, I was sitting on someone’s lap, quite hilarous but hey, we had no other mean of transportation and no one was prepared to walk or stayed alone at the base. And no, our boss wouldnt let us go and sit on the back tray instead.


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