G’day err … friend

August 18, 2005 10:25 PM

This would be funny if it wasn’t also true. Security guards at the Australian Parliament House have been banned from using the word “mate” when addressing the public and MPs. This would be like asking Malaysians and Singaporeans to not use the word “lah”. Not surprisingly, everyone from the opposition to the PM has called the ban “un-Australian”.

And how did this come about? One MP from the Coalition complained. *One*. How would that person, who presumably has been living in Australia for quite some time would think of “mate” as anything but a friendly form of greeting is beyond me.

‘Mate’ banned from lingo | ‘UN-AUSTRALIAN’ | – NEWS.com.au (18-08-2005)

UPDATE Aug 19th 10:50AM
This has now been overturned as expected – it lasted less than a day. I wonder if that MP who complained feels like a right old idiot as about now. 😉

‘Mate’ ban not fair dinkum | – NEWS.com.au (19-08-2005)

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