Clear bags for Londoners

August 23, 2005 9:09 AM

Looks like Curtis’ comment in one of my posts following the London bombings, about carrying transparent rucksacks has become reality.

The Freedom Bags, which are made out of clear vinyl, are being sold on the internet by the Assist Safety Project, a private, non-profit organisation.

Lest ppl become complacent all of a sudden because of the sense of security created by these bags, determined terrorists can still conceal a bomb in a clear bag. But it will definitely make it harder and anything that eases ppl’s fear is a good thing. Then again what will be next tho – plastic coats? Don’t laugh, it might just happen.

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Clear bags ‘to ease Tube fears’

9 thoughts on “Clear bags for Londoners

  1. Miss L

    There are already PVC coats. I have one. It’s not transparent though. I find it’s too good of an insulator. Makes my insides of my elbows all sweaty after periods of time…

    I think some minds work in more mysterious ways than others…

  2. Miss L

    It comes with lining, which is also of some sort of plastic blend… rayon maybe. I’ve never had a problem with static. I do however, have a problem with the squidgy noises it makes when I wear it. I don’t wear it too often. It’s especially bad when it’s raining… such a pity, as it is so water proof. But I guess a lot of things make squidgy noises when it rains.

  3. ~*Starryluvly*~

    So much for London being a fashion capital of the world… weren’t see through bags all the rage a few years ago?? I remember having a transparent coke backpack in Sec 3 – I think Burger King used to give them out with their meals, or something like that.


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