Let the flaming begin

August 25, 2005 12:06 AM

Dilarang Masuk ke Malaysia

It’s her blog and she can blog whatever she wants to. So shall I on mine.

Xiaxue went to KL recently and had nothing good to say about it. Hey, you can’t really interpret it any other way when the title is “KL pretty much sucked“. (Note: lots of bandwidth sucking pics on that post)

Being from KL, I’d admit I was more than a little cheesed off. Some of her points were valid (eg. the taxis) but as for the rest … bloody hell can she bitch or can she f**king bitch?! I wanted to leave a comment but then thought it’d be lost in the sea of comments that the post would generate anyway. She created one mighty good flame bait.

There were some good counter-arguments made by Malaysians amongst the comments. Good on them! But shite … some of her sycophantic fans who are Malaysians are actually kissing up to her by parroting everything she says. Damn you bunch of disgraceful f**ks, can have some dignity or not?!

Wah lau the things this chaboh says … really kiam pah man. She is entitled to her opinions but I’d respect her more if she backed them up with good reasons, as opposed to her post/hate-mail. FYI XX: dress provocatively in a sleazy part of any town and you’d get leered at. Try the same in Geylang and tell me if it’s any different. I’d gladly eat humble pie if you can prove that it is.

Yes I used to read her blog. But not after this. Part of me will forever be tied to Malaysia and when you insult it, you insult me. Her words were not constructive criticism. Instead they were malicious and prejudicial in nature. Some were even racist which I won’t repeat here. She seemed to have made up her mind about the place even before she crossed the border. If she was being sarcastic or if it was dry wit, it must have been too dry for me to pick up.

Fair-minded Americans cringe at “ugly Americans” – their fellow citizens who behave obnoxiously in foreign lands. If anyone qualifies to be an “ugly Singaporean” it must surely be her.

It *is* possible to be patriotic without being condescending. To XX: Spend more time understanding and appreciating the subtle nuances and differences between cultures and less being a spoilt whiny bitch. Ah f**k lah, if everywhere else is so disgusting to you, just stay in Singapore ok!?

UPDATE Aug 25th 7:48AM
She’s disabled the comments on that post. Didn’t see that coming. 😛

UPDATE Aug 25th 10:10AM
Wahaha, someone archived all the comments. Steady!

UPDATE AUG 25th 2:33PM
Saw this comment she made on that post.

10:10 PM, August 24, 2005
Xiaxue said…
FOR CHRISTS SAKE GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR. GOOD FUCKING LORD. I can’t stand you serious people. Go away and don’t read my blog, ever again. FUCK OFF.

She’s been using “sense of humour” as her fallback a lot. That’s like saying something insulting intentionally and then adding, “I’m only kidding lah …” What the hell. And oh, the comments are back up.

22 thoughts on “Let the flaming begin

  1. Illicitus


    I felt a twinge of whoopsies cos of my post on when I went to KL.

    Only reason I can come up with, over in Sg, the inhabitants are pampered. KL is like a culture shock.

    Then again, I admit I am paranoid so my perception is naturally skewed. haha

    my recent trip was not that bad. Prob. cos I wasn’t wandering the streets at BB late at night. LOL

  2. Vandice

    Dude, she has been at it a long time lah… but take heart, at least she’s fair. Everybody and every country is fair game to her, including S’pore and its inhabitants. What to do, must keep readership up mah, so must sensationalize to ‘distinguish’ from the crowd mah. She’s not doing this for fun you know? This is a career for her.

    Not related to your gripe but juz to vent…

    I know she has her reasons for doing some posts and sometimes I can see where she’s coming from (she alludes to the fact that if you had the time and intelligence, you can ‘decode’ the ‘hidden’ meaning behind some posts or why they shouldn’t be offensive or whatever) but what I don’t agree with is her target audience, by and large are the young with neither time nor sophistication to objectively sniff out the ‘hidden’ msg or agenda (Sorta reminds you of those fans screaming “I will love you forever” at their idols’ concerts?) And pls, some posts are purely malicious and spiteful. Only on the other side of the fence will one feel the very real wounds inflicted by a popular blogger with a thousands strong fan (or mob?) base.

    Not thoughtful nor respectful enuf. I don’t read her too.

  3. CW

    Oh, I didn’t know that about the hidden meaning behind some of Xiaxue’s posts, Vandice. It’s a pity that so much of her blog comes across as being petty and spiteful, though – because it reads to me like an immature teenaged girl’s bitching, it makes me less inclined to read it closely. Whenever I look at it I get the feeling that she is picking on things just because she can. It just makes me tired reading her blog, so I tend to avoid it.

  4. mooiness

    all: thanks for the responses. 🙂

    illicitus: I can understand the culture shock but sensible ppl would learn the local culture and behave accordingly. XX expected everything to be like Singapore. How can?

    vandice: I know that’s her game and her game plan, ie. picking fun at things. But dude you know who does it better without being malicious? Kenny Sia. Compared to him, her stuff just comes out caustic. And you are right – her target audience would lap up her words verbatim.

    cw: used to be I can tolerate the whining because some of her posts were humourous. But I’ve been reformed. And to think I defended myself for reading them when ppl had asked me about it. Bleah. Hah. 😛

  5. Vandice

    Well said, cw. Urm, perhaps not really hidden lah. Hmm, difficult to explain. Like that SPG animated boobs fiasco. She justifies it by saying even SPG herself didn’t complain, bcos SPG ‘understands’ its a joke and since her boobs are already in the public domain, its fair game yada yada yada… if we (readers) were smart enuf to understand tt, we wouldn’t be flaming her… Sounds reasonable enuf, but ain’t it still juz a mean post aimed at riding the crest of a controversial wave? In the name of what, hits?

  6. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Yep, her KL post definitely ranks up there with the SPG post. She’s definitely becoming more of a whiner nowadays – $1.50 chendol is expensive??

    Personally, I LOVE Malaysia. If she thinks that she can get a better deal in Shen Zhen for some fake branded bag (ah lian alert!), well nobody’s stopping her from going there now are they?

    I think she went to KL expecting New York. But of course, we all know the two cities are miles apart both physially and culturally. And her spoilt little brain couldn’t handle it and thus the whiny blog about it.

    On a slightly irrelevant note: am I the only one who felt she was being a tad condascending with regards to her comments on the Arabs she saw?

  7. mooiness

    vandice: the cynical person in me thinks it is about “hits”. Doesn’t matter if ppl are actually fans or not, just as long as those hit counters keep on adding up. Like for example: write an inflammatory post and get angry visitors coming in by the droves. I think that’s the way she can justify to her sponsors that a lot of ppl are visiting her blog.

    starry: if she goes to ShenZhen I bet you she will whinging back and forth as well. And then some mainland Chinese blogger would flame her. Hahah. I mean every place is different, you can’t expect Singapore when you are *not* in Singapore. Duh.

    re: the Arabs – absolutely! It’s not merely condescending, it was *racist*. Damn it. You know I actually held back from commenting on her post (I read it early morning yesterday), and I also held back from actually writing about it on my blog… but by the end of the day, I just decided to let it all out. Hahah! 🙂

  8. the virgin undergrad

    i can totally understand what how you feel. just a little over a month ago, i was in a bar in brisbane and there was this postgrad from Uni Tech Sydney who was ranting away about how ‘singapore is the most fucked-up uptight, crappy (insert random negative adjective) country in the world’ and that it’s the last place on earth that he’ll ever live in apart from manila. well to be fair, he was friendly throughout the conversation and certainly under the influence of alcohol so i really couldn’t get angry at him even though i was rather pissed off at his remark. so all i did was to say ‘mate, i do while i find what you say extremely offensive, but from a rational point of view i’ld have to agree that singapore can be a very unpleasant place to live if you cannot accept authority’ and that made him back off on the criticism. i soon found out from his own drunked confessions that he resided in manila for a couple of years until he was dumped by his phillipino fiancee, which in my opinion probably mitigates his disdain for SEA as a whole.

    i’ve sorta figured out that racist remarks or random nationalist condescension, it is not the inherent nature of the words but rather the condescending intention of making the statements that pisses ppl off. beyond that, if you truly feel deep inside convinced of you love/allegiance to one’s race/religion/country/country of birth, then no remark can really hurt you cos’ any attempt by others at belittling you would simply be just another random rant.

  9. mooiness

    the V.U. : point graciously taken. 🙂 How you handled that postgrad was what I hoped to have achieved with my posting but I think you were more eloquent in making your point.

    I can understand that the words that come out may not be the meaning as it is read by others. However when no facial expressions or tonal differentiations can be made, words are all you have to conjure the meaning with. As one of the comments above said, when someone couldn’t grasp the irony and wit, they will just take it verbatim. And that’s the hurtful bit as well as the inflaming bit because it gives small minded ppl the green light to start airing their prejudices as well.

  10. honeypot


    You can always tell who are the real travellers who have the thirst of experience vs. the shallow mindend ones who are just wannabes.

    Travelling is a lifetime journey of understanding, appreciation and experience. People who do nothing but bitch about their experience can always go home to where they belong.

    Let her stay in her small little hut in a superclean superefficient superkiasu country. Let her not see the beauty that is another culture.

    The decoded and hidden meaning is just pure bull,cause most of her readers worship her like she’s god’s gospel.And for those KLnites/Malaysians agreeing with her,SHAME ON YOU. Shame on you for being ashamed of your country,your people,your family and yourself.

    On 31st Aug you detractors should be burned alive.

    In a typically malaysian style: I Super Toolan lor. She damn the Sorhai cari pasal lor.

    And hor, her tap water can drink ah? Barger ur water also from us wat! If not…u got think what u drinking now ornot?

  11. mooiness

    honeypot: hee hee. I *loved* the “sorhai” bit. Hahahhaahah…. yes, what is the point of travelling if you can’t appreciate the differences and expect everything to be like “home”???

    Other than that I have nothing to add to that brilliant comment. That was some funny shite. 😛

  12. honeypot

    She seem to think that KL is some backwater where everything’s dirt cheap.What a petty little kiamsiap girl.

    The semi-apology that was added on as an afterthought does nothing whatsoever to make things any better.

    I seem to have alot of bottled anger inside of me…you’re giving me an outlet to vent..just like anger management course.heh..

  13. Miss L

    As you mentioned Mooi, if you’re gonna bag something but “not so seriously”, a bit of tack would not go awry. Adding a half-arsed disclaimer several hours after the actual post doesn’t really do it. Or maybe she’s just sending up her bitchy persona and mistakenly thought everyone would get it?

    My disclaimer: I haven’t read it. These are purely my opinions. I don’t know how tackless the KL post was, and i’m not going to contribute my hit either.

  14. mooiness

    miss L: sending up her bitchy persona? Hah! Somehow I don’t think it’s an act. Basically anyone and anything that’s not in her personal circle is ripe for the picking. And yes if you were *really* joking, you should have used more tact AND add that disclaimer when you first post it. Not after you got flamed.

    Her post was mostly bitching and moaning followed by more bitching and moaning. The *one* thing she liked about KL was that she found some shoes that she loved. And at the end of it, she professed to feel so blessed and lucky to be back in Sg.

  15. blinkymummy

    hello aussie beng!!

    why so angry?
    dun care about her lah!

    i think people who support her, her blog, her so-called writings and her public appearances do not stop to think.

    i dunno which is more pathetic, that (1) she’s like a mad dog biting everything she sees in sight, or (2) there are people who enjoy it and think she’s a writer?!!!

    it’s sad when one realises that this is called mass appeal.

    so which one sucks more? KL or Singapore?! =(((

  16. mooiness

    miss L: yup I remember having to lug a bottle of water everywhere when I was there including into hotel rooms. 😉

    BM: allo BM! 😛 Both those things are pathetic lor. Ppl need to be more educated man! This is so pertinent now especially after having read yours and Adrian’s posts about intellectuals and the education system in Sg.

    Yeah I still don’t understand how she can be so popular har? What the … ppl need to be more exposed to worldly things then they can put her blog into perspective and for what it is – nothing substantial. I don’t disagree that KL and Malaysia in general have a lot of areas to improve in, and I’m sure Singaporeans have gripes about Singapore too (can’t be that patriotic right? ;)).

    But no – it’s not KL or Singapore that sucks. It’s small uneducated minds and lemming-like behaviour that suck.

  17. mooiness

    starry: a little too late lah. Like I said, the value of that “disclaimer” is zero. If she had good intentions, she’d have put that disclaimer up at the same time she put the post up – and not after she was flamed for it.


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