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August 26, 2005 12:01 AM

Was going through Mili’s blog archives (had an hour to kill before going home :P) and she posed some interesting questions after having blogged for 3 months. I’ll quote the pertinent portion of that particular post:

I know I initially started this for me. But I’ve come to a stage that all bloggers get to at some point: Should I just continue but make it private? Or should I just stop blogging altogether and not waste time looking for new blogging software?

I love blogging, and I know it’s only been three months…..but sometimes I feel that I am talking to myself..therefore there is no point doing proper alignments and photo cropping. Whats the point of spell checking if your audience is one – you.

Again, two very contrasting thoughts. Upgrading it cause I just NEED to have control over my blog, or shut it down cos I aint got anyone coming here to read what I write anyway.

Indeed, who do we blog for? Ourselves or for an audience? And if for an audience, how big does the audience have to be to make us happy? How many comments do we need to get for us to feel good about our blogging?

Personally I went through 3 stages in quick succession:

  1. Why no comments? Why no visitors? This is depressing! Why why why!? I even tried out Blogexplosion at one stage to get more hits. It did, as long as I visited other blogs as well but that was tedious. I didn’t wanna visit blogs that I wouldn’t normally anyway. And it didn’t create sticky visitors – ie. ppl who came back. The only good thing was that I stumbled upon two blogs that I still read today: italk2much.com and Sarcomical.
  2. Must write more creatively to get ppl to come back – scour the popular blogs, absorb their blogging styles, blog about popular trends that ppl like to talk about etc. Plus leave comments on the popular blogs so that I can siphon some visitors from there. Not just braindead comments either because that won’t make ppl curious about you. I emulated certain bloggers’ styles for a while but just never felt at ease with any of them because I’m not *them*.
  3. F**k it! Just write about things that you know and are passionate about. This is *my* blog. It should be more about my life and thoughts. So here I am now.

Well, more a combination of 2 & 3. I leave comments on the blogs that I read because I love the interaction and exchanging of ideas. I try to add flair to my posts and try to be interesting and I’m not as obsessed about getting comments and hits now.

My opinion: a blog should first and foremost be for yourself because that way you wouldn’t ever run out of things to blog about. Writing about things close to your heart is easier than trying to cater to a specific audience, or pretending to be something that you are not. As a result, your writing will automatically improve. Having an interesting life outside blogging helps too. Then lo and behold, the visitors come and they become regulars. Thanks, you guys!

And btw Mili, thanks for not killing your blog. Yours is one of many that have added colour to my daily life. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Why blog?

  1. honeypot

    Oh I remember that blog entry very well.This was why hitting no. 100 was special.

    I know I have yet to get to a new provider and a new everything,but at the moment making $$ is more important..Need money to host ritee.

    I think one of the main reason I’ve kept it up is because it’s more like a conversation between me and you..like a public email.

    And thank you for letting me deal with my anger here..heh.

  2. mooiness

    honeypot: making money is more impt for sure. And settling everything to do with the moving and the visa trumps it too. Actually no need money to host one lah…I think Blogger blogs allows quite a lot of artistic freedom and such with the templates. And I think net access from the UK may be less problematic in terms of getting access to imageshack.us 🙂

    Heh public email, yeah sure feels like it. I still remember that post about Kenny Sia where we just went back and forth the whole day. Hahah!

    And yes, if you got nowhere else to vent you can vent here. Venting makes for interesting reading. 😛

  3. honeypot

    Tell you something bout that post.I actually sulked for a week and did not post anything up as I STILL was not getting any comments.None.Nada.

    Then I decided that sulking aint going to get me anywhere,so I grew up and screw it and post whatever hell i feel like.

    Re imageshack.I don’t know why! I could access it initially to create my id!And putphoto is very slow, but for the moment, sufficient.

  4. mooiness

    hahaha…yeah I was thinking, shit..here she is asking for ppl’s encouragement to continue blogging and no one comments!!! Did you even get any emails from that? I mean from those ppl that you’d mentioned previously that don’t leave comments but email? Well just as well I stumbled onto yours and started leaving comments (I was in stage 2 then) to give you that little boost hahaha. Got to ya via Singabore – you know what happened to his blog?

    Anyways good on ya for ploughing on. 😛

    Tht imageshack thing – well hopefully in 4 more months that won’t be an issue anymore.


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