Drinks at Bar Open

August 28, 2005 4:02 PM

Two of my cousins, Reucas and Yvonne (plus my dad and the country of Malaysia) share the same birthday. Last night, my cousins decided to have their birthday drinks at Bar Open in Northbridge. Reucas had been going often and highly recommended it. It is literally a hole in the wall, and to give you an idea how exclusive the place was …

I walked down a dark alleyway and came upon an unmarked entrance.

I went by myself and it was my first time there. As I walked past a dark counter, a disembodied voice called out, “Excuse me…it’s $5 entry.” I muttered, “Oh sorry, didn’t see you there.”

I walked down a stairway and into a dark corridor.

Rounded the corner into a cosy little place, and found the gang in a nook of a lounge.

Had the obligatory “family” shot. Damn I look gay in that pose…not that there’s anything wrong with that. And can you tell if Reucas was drunk? Reucas was there with his bandmates Simon (left) and Damien, among others. Remember those faces and the name “The Colors”. 🙂

Here’s Simon giving me his rock-star pose. Had a great conversation with him regarding how angst and sexual frustration are the greatest sources of inspiration for song-writing.

The lounge area was quite cosy. Note the big ventilation fans – really useful in keeping the place airy and relatively smoke-free.

Here’s me and Paul (Yvonne’s gweilo) trying to look cool. And then trying to look impromptu.

The birthday girl with the dental nurse that works with her (cute, too bad she’s taken :P), and her friend Elaine.

Lotsa drinks were had, and lotsa conversation flowed.

Diva impressions occured. But they didn’t last.

Aww, shucks.

Happy birthday again you two. 🙂

Complete set of photos can be found here.

15 thoughts on “Drinks at Bar Open

  1. mooiness

    honeypot: Yeah I’ve been told often enough. I’ve mentioned previously that to be seen with a pretty girl is better than being seen by yourself, even if the girl is not your girlfriend because it piques other girls interest. Or so goes *my* theory. 😛

  2. honeypot

    Now I know why you’re always out with ur cuz! Hahaha..then you shouldnt publicise her gweilou..:P

    Re: having the same genes.I shall refrain from commenting on the “gay-ness” factor..:x

    PS: totally irrelevant,but did u see xx’s email defending her stand on why she hates KL?

  3. mooiness

    You got me! And don’t call me gay … not that there’s anything with that. Wahahahah.

    Re: XX – you mean her post??? Yeah what a crock of shit. This after adding a hastily tacked on diplomatic disclaimer. Shite … just goes to show her true colours. She complained that ppl should be allowed to complain about something. Well I say: she is allowed to criticise but a little bit of tact and more logical arguments would have garnered a more receptive perception.

  4. the virgin undergrad

    speaking about ur hot cousin, me and my mates made a common observation after 3 sems down under. we concurred that for some reason, Asians born and bred in Australia seem to look generally better than their counterparts from Asian regions – guys and girls alike. we sorta tried to attribute it to two main reasons,

    1) better nutrition and a generally more outdoor orientated = better physique

    2) the less good looking ones avert our attention and if it it doesn’t, we just assume they aren’t ABCs and thus perpetuating the myth LOL

  5. mooiness

    jjj: i went because someone told me she added something to it.

    the v.u. : dude that makes so much sense come to think of it. Hahah! Plus skin is better due to less pollutants in the air and lower humidity. In general lah … there are good and not-so-good looking ppl everywhere. 🙂

  6. mooiness

    cw: you’re talking about the bystanders?? Hahah yeah why not. It’s not as if I was in their faces anyway plus there are lotsa other ppl taking photos on the night too. I think everyone’s used to seeing a digital camera or two amongst a big group. It’s not a big deal. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    you guys are pathetic – UV and mooiness. Never seen such crappy coversations where both agreed to a serious misnormer in my entire life! Even beautiful Nigerians looks better than the chicks in the photos.

  8. mooiness

    anonymous: read what I wrote above:

    “In general lah … there are good and not-so-good looking ppl everywhere. :)”

    Which part of that do you not understand – VU and I were just having a laugh and exaggerating the differences. Only you took it literally. Plus you insulted ppl that I know *and* you were being racist at the same time. Next time, read thoroughly and think before you open your big mouth, or type for that matter.

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