Dad’s bday dinner & Yvonne’s cake

September 1, 2005 7:45 PM

Had a hectic evening last night. First there was dad’s dinner at the local Chinese restaurant run by Reucas’ aunty.

Good food, Chinese tea, prawn crackers, and red wine. Yeah … it works. 😉

Mom and dad didn’t wanna pose – had to be sneaky with my photo taking.

Reucas took one of me. Nice one dude! And then the family shot. My brother couldn’t make it because he was still at my his restaurant.

After dinner, it was off to Yvonne’s apartment to have some cake. Gifts: she got some sake cups and flask, jewelry and a lamp among others. Reucas got a cheem book about guitars.

Here’s some pics of the girls comparing the gifts.

And the cake was good. After that, played Midnight Club DUB Edition on Paul’s PS2 till late. Was really sleepy at work this morn. 😛

Complete set of photos here.

22 thoughts on “Dad’s bday dinner & Yvonne’s cake

  1. mooiness

    the v.u.: it’s called “Mix” on Hampden Rd., near the UWA Dental Library towards Sir Charles Gairdner hospital. As for food, I think it’s good but you have to judge for yourself lah. 🙂 Yes a variety of Chinese/Malaysian food. Try the chicken rice if you get the chance. 🙂

  2. honeypot

    I wont be at london,but I’ll be moving to Leeds (terrorist central).I went on the bus past Beeston which looks quite run-down.Manchester chinatown might have something interesting,but that’s an hour away!

    Anyway…checked around London,but it looked quite..dissapointing. How long were you in London for?

    Si says that there are no dimsum shops.:(

  3. mooiness

    Leeds = terrorist central. You’re mean. Haha! Anyways, should be good Indian/Pakistani food then? But no Chinese food yeah.

    I was in London for a week and I only had one Chinese meal because one of my travelling mates insisted. And nope – not impressed. It looked quite busy as well. I think you have to resign yourself to the fact that you won’t get good Chinese food but you will get good Indian/Pakistani food. 😉 You have my sympathies. 😛

    All that means for you now is: EAT UP!

  4. the virgin undergrad

    NO SHIT!!! MIX! I live just down the road and i always buy lunch from MIX cos’ it’s cheap! Nonya Fried rice and Tom Yum noodles have become almost a daily staple! customer feedback: can have more dishes on the menu? cos we just can’t get enough of south-east asian cuisine *slurps*

  5. mooiness

    the v.u.: wahahha, small world. 🙂 More dishes eh? You talking about the $5 ones? Yeah can have a think about it – it’s always tricky trying to balance price and quality. Plus there are somethings that are not suited to be mass produced if you know what I mean. Have you tried the $7 ones? A bit more exp. for sure but good nonetheless.

    We want to do more fried stuff but we are limited by the kitchen – too small lah and ventilation not good enuff.

  6. the virgin undergrad

    got $7 issit? i always tot it was all $5. next time must try. i used to buy all my lunches from Student Cafe when i stayed in Trinity until i got kinda sick of the chicken rice so i switched to Mix after i moved out, not to mention that i’m just too lazy to walk further down to Student Cafe haha.

  7. mooiness

    hahah….lucky for us then. Yeah the $7 ones are made on the spot so will have to wait a bit. I started the shop in Dec 2002 and was there till July 2004. You just moved recently? Cos you should have recognised my face otherwise. 🙂

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