Who’d play me in a movie

September 4, 2005 3:44 PM

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Ok who would I want to play me in a movie? The first choice that popped into my head was Michael J. Fox – because he’s short like me, and I think that his sarcastic humour and dry wit fits me. I think.

Then I thought – wait, he’s Caucasian. Have to be an Asian actor then, so Cheung Tat-Ming is my next option. Ppl have said that I looked like him. I can see some similarities though it isn’t evident to me but obviously I can’t be objective about it. Anyway, he also has a great sense of humour and I love his work. He is much taller than me but hey it’s a movie right? Who said it has to be factual.

And then (ala CW) this is my choice purely for vanity reasons – Chow Yun-Fat. He’s uber cool and suave and he’s way way taller than me.

Doing this meme took a bit of my melancholia away – I’d been reading and watching a lot of news of the Hurricane Katrina disaster in the USA and it had affected my mood the past few days.

3 thoughts on “Who’d play me in a movie

  1. honeypot

    Cheung Tak Ming really does look like u now that you’ve done a side by side comparison.SCarY

    I know where you’re comming from.I feel nothing but despair when I look at the news reports and newspapers.It’s unbelievable to see martial law come into play in the world’s most powerful nation,with Bush still beating around the bush

  2. CW

    Thanks for doing the meme, Mooiness 🙂 I don’t see why Michael J Fox couldn’t portray you in a movie. It’s a movie, what! 😛

    On to more serious subjects, for me the scary part about the lack of preparedness for this hurricane is the fact that I sort of expected that since 9/11 the US government would be more prepared for disasters happening on their soil. It’s not as if they had no warning of the hurricane…

  3. mooiness

    honeypot: re: Cheung Tat-Ming – yeah so I’ve been told. 😛 And apparently our voices sound alike too. Now that’s even more scary! Haha!

    Alot of things could have been done or said earlier, and a lot of ppl might have been saved but hindsight is 20/20. I just hope that this serves a valuable lesson and their disaster planning will improve.

    As for rebuilding the city, I’m on the fence – you can’t just abandon an iconic city like New Orleans but is it wise to stick with a geographically unsound location? So is San Fran and LA but hurricanes occur more frequently than earthquakes. Hmm no easy choice there.

    cw: re: michael j. fox – hahah true true!

    About the hurricane, yes that’s what the political fallout has centred on – the lack of preparedness considering all that money spent on Homeland Security. But from what I’ve heard, funding had been diverted from dealing with natural disasters to dealing with and preventing terrorism attacks. And FEMA went from an independent Cabinet level authority to being one of dozens of agencies under the jurisdiction of the Dept. of Homeland Security.

    In the end, when the hurricane hit it’s the poor who never had a choice or the means to leave.


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