Louisiana wetlands and rebuilding New Orleans the “correct” way

September 6, 2005 12:56 PM

From CNN.com – Scientists want help to save Louisiana wetlands – Sep 5, 2005:

“This can’t just be a cleanup, it has to be a turning point,” said Mark Davis of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, a lobbying group. “If we build it back like it was, then we’ll be living in a fool’s paradise.”

The state wants to flood large estuaries on both sides of the Mississippi River to reclaim land by delivering sediment and freshwater to areas invaded by the Gulf’s salty water. Also, they have talked about building a network of pipelines to carry mud and sand into areas being washed out.

“If we’re going to rebuild,” Davis said, “let’s rebuild smart.”

Let’s hope that most of this sentiment captures the attention of the relevant authorities and that it gets the political backing and budget that it needs.

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