You speaka da Chinese?

September 10, 2005 1:33 PM

In the immortal words of American-Chinese rapper Jin:

Ya’ll gonna learn Chinese

Ok not quite lah, but thanks to the impetus from Blinkymummy and YC of Black Jettas, I’m gonna start mixing it up here. Nothing too cheem, I only did 6 years of Mandarin in primary school afterall. So let’s start the ball rolling …


Huang de min hao cong ming a!

The first 3 characters are my Chinese name and I just said that I was smart. Hahaha! *ahem* Baby steps, baby steps …

13 thoughts on “You speaka da Chinese?

  1. mooiness

    yc: orh I see I see. Aren’t you glad to have such cultural diversity in your upbringing though? I find it very fascinating myself. Personally, dad is Hokkien but his mom is Hakka; mom is Teochiew but grew up speaking Hokkien due to being in Penang. Me – being born and raised in KL I picked up Cantonese, and Mandarin from school. On top of that English and Malay – tho that has deteriorated badly.

  2. CW

    So are you going to start writing Chinese posts now? That would be cool, but does that mean we have to comment in Chinese as well? *ponders her poor Mandarin writing skills*


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