Fuel prices and macho car

September 12, 2005 9:53 AM

Fuel prices are now at least 20c per litre more than it was a month ago. That means I’m now paying around $12 more per full tank; that’s nearly $50 gone in a month without me having anything to do with it. What can $50 get me?

  1. One night out on the town at the pubs/clubs – well, thereabouts.
  2. My weekly groceries.
  3. Taking someone out to dinner.
  4. 2 CDs or 2 DVDs.
  5. Some new clothes.
  6. Almost another tank of petrol a month ago.

Speaking of cars, someone questioned my sexuality last night. Judging by the car that I drive – a Skyline with a big exhaust, these could apply:

  1. I have a small penis.
  2. I am gay and I’m just trying to hide it by driving a macho car.
  3. Or worst, I’m gay AND I have a small penis.

Shite, I can’t win. And no I’m not in the closet because I don’t even have one. 😛

12 thoughts on “Fuel prices and macho car

  1. sourrain

    OMG. Wot’s that small penis thing about?Hahahaha!!

    Does that mean that someone who drives a kancil with a small exhaust supposedly have huge penises?

    Where are all the kancil drivers?Come to momma..

  2. mooiness

    the v.u.: no leh, I thought drive macho car is compensation for small manhood what. Drive mini means you are super secure with said manhood. But nvm…:P

    It’s a GTS “only”. And considering how much fuel costs these days, I’m ok with it. 😛

    sourrain: err yeah that theory *is* true. Wahahhahaah……Kancils with big exhausts, a lot of them on the road in KL. It’s your smorgasboard right there baby!

  3. yy

    ehem.. my english must be poor cos reading the last line, my first thought was, geesh, u dun even have it(read: not ‘closet’) =P
    dun worry, i checked your gender again. phew.

  4. YC

    I just spent $80 on a full tank for my baby pulsar gti-r. It burns when u’re unemployed.

    One of my very good looking friend used to drive a macho skyline gtr with big exhaust. He is rather feminine come to think bt it. But he’s penis is an ok matter.

    I wonder what do they say about a girl driving a fully modified pulsar gti-r with roll cage affixed.

  5. CW

    Geez I would have said “is that your best insult??” I mean, come on we are in the 21st century lah, being gay is no shame, and penis shmenis! *rolls eyes*

    Ohh you have turned on word verification, getting spam now too?

  6. mooiness

    yc: woo. Gti-R. A girl that drives a modified/import car is HOT. So if no one has told you yet, you are HOT. 😉 Rollcage somemore. You drag ah? 😛

    $80 for a full tank – that bites doesn’t it? How long does that last you, or rather how far can you travel on that?

    Speaking of your friend – how did you know his penis size?

    cw: Heheh the insult was actually only a joke and it didn’t stem from the car – artistic license with my post. 😉 And you’re right, no shame. “…Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” 😉

    Yeah yeah getting spam now too. Didn’t want to cos thought it’s a hassle for ppl – but no choice.

  7. YC

    Abt couple of days. Depends la. My bro is a car fanatic, when he runs out of things to fix on his, he’ll fix em on mine.

    That skyline dude used to lived with my guy. He always roams around the house in his fitted boxes/undies whatever u call those. It gets pretty obvious in the morning. And I walked into him butt naked while we were in thailand.


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