Junk mail from yesterday

September 14, 2005 12:01 AM

Since it seems to be in vogue to do ?? (wu liao) posts, I shall do one as well. And what could be more meaningless than a post about junk mail? Ah but wait, there’s a lesson at the end. Read on …

So this is the pile that I got yesterday (click on pics for bigger versions).

There’s some junk food vouchers (mmm…) and 2 electronics catalogues. Stick me in a joint that sells junk food *and* electronics and you won’t hear from me for the rest of the day. 😛

The community paper …

Some pads … the ones I got are for “regular” flow. How did they know my cycle?

Then there’s this weird letter from Spain (!!!). Cibai, how the f**k did they get my address??? Should I be worried or what?

Anyway they tell me that I’ve won €850,850. WOW! And then they said hor, fax us your bank details and we’ll transfer the money into it. Simple! Wah lau eh, so kind – no commission somemore! Even though the letter has bad spelling and grammar, and bad punctuations hor, I think they can be trusted leh!

KNN, when the hell did I buy a lottery ticket – in SPAIN somemore! You think I’m stupid ah!? If you are gullible and greedy enough to fall for the scam, you can say bye bye to your money loh. Sad to think it though, but a few ppl out there may just fall for it.

Ok that’s it for now. Hope this had been enlightening. 😛

13 thoughts on “Junk mail from yesterday

  1. mooiness

    sourrain: err yeah … that’d work. I attack activities in the bedroom with vigor! Woohoo!

    miss L: satin?! It’s cotton. Though I wouldn’t mind silk. It feels good against the skin. ARGH!!! “Shut up Marcus!”


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