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September 17, 2005 11:10 AM

So I was at The Cott last night. For those of you who haven’t been there, the crowd is mostly white and preppy: think OC, Dawson’s Creek, BH90210 or all those countless US TV shows and movies and how they’d potray the “cool” kids. It was like that. Here’s a sample.

Me no complain because the girls really dressed to kill. Which brings me to some questions that I get asked a lot:

  1. “How do you expect to meet a nice girl in places like these?”

    I don’t. I like having fun, I like drinks and I like music. I don’t go to pubs/clubs for the sole purpose of hooking up. Ch-yeah, if that was my whole point of going out I’d be one depressed mofo. In my entire clubbing life, I’d only ever hooked up *once*. Yeah, don’t cry for me Argentina … so ok?!!?

  2. “Why do you just look? Why don’t you do something about it?”

    So I have to prove my manhood by hitting on girls all night? F**k that. If she smiles at me I may strike up a conversation with her, but if she didn’t even realise my presence, if she’s not even looking my way I just can’t do it. I’m shy like that. Yeah I’m gutless. You make a move on the girl if it bothers you that much that *I* am not doing anything about it.

    Think of it my way: it’s like art and I can appreciate its beauty without needing to have it. Just because I’m looking at it, it doesn’t neccesarily mean that I’d want to buy it. 😛

    Which really explains why I end up knowing the bar staff more – it’s easier to start chatting to them. Plus there are benefits to knowing the bar staff. 😉

  3. “But you are 30 already, why don’t you settle down?”

    You got your timetable, I got mine. Simple as that. Some ppl settle down early, some later. And some may never settle down. Yeah Hugh Hefner is my IDOL. 😉


8 thoughts on “The Cott

  1. the virgin undergrad

    the OBH must have been fun. I was chased away at the door of kuppa’s in claremont on thur nite cos’ i was wearing sneakers #@$%!

    i never really tried chatting up a girl in a club except once. she was very friendly, and i’m really kicking myself after all these years for being such a ball-less coward not asking her number…

  2. mooiness

    hahah – unless u wear “good looking” sneakers, most places won’t let you in. 😉

    And about the girl – yeah lah … if the girl talks to you AND is friendly, the chances of getting her number is higher loh. Shite. Never mind, as long as you learnt from this. 😛

  3. mooiness

    bm: If I was born into a rich family, I’d want my parents to be sensible and raise me right instead of showering me with money. I don’t want to be one of *those* ppl – ???. 😛

    Wahaha you practised! Got use or not!? 🙂

    anonymous: yes it’s me.

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