September 19, 2005 10:43 AM

Blinkymummy has been listening to “???” by MayDay a lot. Repeatedly, ad nauseum. So I came up with a new saying for her:

“Eh you, ??? ok?!”
(Eh you, mai lai luan ok?!)
It’s Hokkien.

Which literally translates to “Eh you, don’t come here and cause trouble ok?!” It’s a more eloquent alternative to: “F**k off!”

For maximum effect, perform a dramatic pause after “eh you” and point index finger upwards with palm facing you or away in a Bruce Lee kinda style. You can even do a little finger wag like he does. FWAH!

Wahahah, now go and rehearse it.

4 thoughts on “???

  1. ~*Starryluvly*~

    tsk tsk..

    maybe instead of elementary mandarin with mooi… it should be elementary chinese cusswords with mooi… lol

    *goes and practise in front of the mirror*

    oh.. and on a slight tangent – you mentioned before you think girls who swear are hot. Is that why you decided to teach us all this phrase?? hehe

  2. mooiness

    Har? This is not cuss word what. In any case you don’t need me to teach, you already know them! 😛

    Erm with regards to swearing girls being hot, you guys are already HOT whether you swear or not. Woohoo!


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