September 19, 2005 10:41 AM

So I re-checked out Ambar on Saturday night. They play mainly house and breaks. On Sat night, it was all breaks which suited me just fine. By the time my friend and I meandered all the way from Northbridge to the heart of town where Ambar is, we had almost sobered up from the drinks at The Deen before. But the atmo inside proved to be worth the effort of our little trek.

The place was jumping as we walked in. Entry was $10 and cloak room was $3 – I had to use it almost right away because the place was hot. Maybe that’s a business ploy? Anyways, we proceeded to jump around with the other hipsters in the joint. The place has an underground feel to it and there were a lot of solitary clubbers just bopping away (artificially enhanced maybe? ;)), facing the DJ in the front. And the DJ was really into it as well, pumping his fist and smiling at the crowd and dancing to the music that he was spinning.

It was quite dark, adding to the underground rave feel – only the bar was brightly lit. Another business ploy perhaps? So I couldn’t really make out ppl’s faces (read: I couldn’t check out the chicks in the place, ‘cept for the ones that walked in front of me). No matter I was happy happy high high from the frenetic music and was actually sobering up. Sweating and drinking lotsa water as a result does help work the alcohol out of your system. Remember that kiddies!

Yeeeeahhh, it was a good night. Mental note: wear more comfortable shoes next time if I don’t want to wake up the next day with sore knees and ankles. Maybe I’m getting old? NEVER! 😛

4 thoughts on “Ambar

  1. JJJ

    Getting old, don’t think so, at least you can still drag your body out on a Sat night, I can’t remember when was the last time I went to a club on Sat night.

    First time I hear “wear more comfortable shoes next time ….” from a guy. Or were you wearing high heel ?? Ummmm..sore knees and ankles, what sort of SHOES were you wearing..???

  2. mooiness

    I was wearing flat sole shoes, as opposed to something like sneakers. I gotta go look for some “formal” looking sneakers that I can wear to clubs. Basically imagine going jogging in something other than sneakers and you’d get an idea what I’m suffering. Shame to admit it – my knees and ankles still hurt after a whole day of rest yesterday! 😛

  3. mooiness

    yc: woohoo 39. If he/she tells you any hints or tips for stamina, please pass it on to me.

    Yeah I was thinking about Diesel as well – also Fila, Sketchers, Converse … ah, choices. 🙂 I have a pair of Filas that can get me into some clubs but not all. Some places are more snooty than others.


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