Late Bloomer

September 20, 2005 10:47 AM

As I sit here in the office nursing my still sore knees and ankles from the weekend that was (shut up!), I figured I really must be a late bloomer. Back in KL, I didn’t feel comfortable in high school till late in Form 2 (14). And as fate would have it, I was ripped out of that comfort zone to come live in Perth.

Then in high school here, in addition to the awkwardness of being a teen I had the added anxieties of being one of a few Asians in a predominantly white school (that has changed completely – half the students there now are Asian). There I didn’t feel 100% at ease until year 12 (17) and by then I had to leave for uni.

When I got to uni (18), it was like high school all over again. Not only were there cool kids, there were now *more* of them. And the extra freedom and lack of enforced discipline were liberating and scary at the same time. I had to get to grips with a whole new set of social rules when it came to partying, alcohol and the opposite sex. What I knew from high school was just too daggy to be relevant anymore.

I didn’t start dating till my 3rd yr in uni (20). And although I had clubbed, I didn’t really get into it until my final yr (22). Before I knew it, I was out of uni and was thrust into the “real” world.

Ppl I knew from uni were getting married left, right and centre, and a few years ago, they started popping out babies. Getting called “uncle” by their kids is kinda surreal.

Meanwhile I’m still going out and partying. If and whenever I see my friends who had settled down into parenthood – once or twice a year now would be the norm, I’d be regaling them with stories of my social life.

All my uni friends are at a completely different stage of their lives now. Though we can still converse, there’s almost an invisible barrier between us which prevent us from totally connecting. You could say we’ve drifted apart.

The ppl that I do see regularly these days, not including similar late bloomers like me, are mostly younger. And I feel great about being able to socialise with them. I put it down to the fact that I always had younger ppl around me: there was the time when I shared a house with a bunch of 20yr old girls (26) for 2 years, and there was the time I had my restaurant near UWA (28) where my clientele and waitresses were mostly students.

I’m enjoying clubbing now more than ever because it’s really different when you have more disposable income, and you are confident and completely at ease with who you are. So where to from here (30)? Am I destined to forever be out of sync with my age group? I can’t really say for sure but if this is the secret to feeling young all the time, I don’t mind it at all.

8 thoughts on “Late Bloomer

  1. girlstar7

    I think it’s great that you are young at heart and are still going out clubbing age 30. age is a state of mind. you are still young anyway, and should definitely be living it up. I am in my early 20s, love clubbing every weekend as much as you do, and I hope I still enjoy it when I’m 30! who cares if you are not settling down, getting married and having kids? if you’re not ready, then you don’t have to. sounds like you are having heaps of fun with your life anyway. I say, good on you!

  2. JJJ

    Nothing wrong to go clubbing (or doing or not doing anything) at your age wah…as long as you are happy and comfortable with your life….And I don’t feel that you are “out of sync” with your own age group really, I see that you are having the best of both worlds.
    Oh, just have to rub it in, how’s ya aging knees and ankles BTW??

  3. mooiness

    girlstar7: yeah just a number right? I think my body may give out before my mind does. 😉

    jjj: Best of both worlds? You think? I don’t know about that but yes I’m very comfortable. And to answer your question: they are still sore, thank you very much.

    sourrain: you can join him doing that soon enough. 🙂

    bm: why you always must win one?!? Wahahha …. eh btw, what do you think about the name “???”? Hahaha!

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  5. Lynn Woo

    I know exactly how you feel-my uni friends are settled down with baby no.2 on the way and I ain’t even married yet and still enjoying going out loads. Even Hoong Sern the workaholic commitment-phobe has just got engaged and May Anne’s preggers and due to pop in March! Guess I don’t feel it so much as most of my uni friends have moved away from Leeds and my social circle in leeds now with the exception of three people comprises of friends who are only now approaching their mid-twenties. I don’t feel any older than they are,probably party loads more than them too! Think the main difference between them and me is the career and financial stability (hence, like you said, having the disposable income to fund this sort of lifestyle). I even nabbed me a toyboy – he’s eight years my junior (to my mother’s horror!).My mother thinks he is after my money (I’m still looking for this sought-after wealth too!). We just get along really well, have similar interests. He’s more mature than his years, I’m a big kid, so we kinda meet in the middle. We’ve been going out two years to the day! We have not got hitched yet. He needs to get his career more grounded before I commit.

  6. mooiness Post author

    Lynn: ah you are exactly like I am then, and funnily enough, you were the youngest in the class remember? And it’s great that you can connect with this younger guy (oo err).


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