The triads in Malaysia

September 21, 2005 7:59 PM

An interesting piece by BBC giving a fascinating look at how the triads function in Malaysia.

But Malaysia’s triads are rather more prosaic than those in Hong Kong. The element of ceremony has gone, and these groups are run as businesses.

Ah Hing referred to his as “our company”. It’s a pragmatic affair, where deals are reached with the authorities – who set boundaries for crimes they know can never be eliminated.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Meeting Malaysia’s notorious triads

Stumbled via Jeff Ooi.

4 thoughts on “The triads in Malaysia

  1. sourrain

    Loved that. I did a paper on Malaysian Chinese triads vs American Chinese triads whilst in an Asian-American uni class eons ago.It’s amusing how I am unable to find any books or information here on local triads and had to scavange through San Franciso Public Library.

    It is also amusing to note the history of Chinese triads. All over the world, they started as a benovelant society, caring for their fellow evolving to collecting ‘protection’ money from the same people they were supposed to protect to now; selling drugs n such.

  2. mooiness

    You did? Excellent. The Chinese triads shared a similar origin as the Italian Mafia which also was a benevolent organisation, set up ostensibly to help the poor and the oppressed.

    It’s really interesting how they’ve both evolved into criminal organisations.

    The interesting point in that BBC article was that the police would crack down harder on the drugs but human trafficking they turn a blind eye to.


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