Then there was Rita

September 23, 2005 12:01 AM

Just a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of south-eastern USA, Hurrican Rita is now bearing down towards Texas. It is estimated that when it makes landfall early Saturday, it could be a Category 5 Hurricane (Katrina was a Cat-4 when it hit land). Approx. 1.3 million ppl have been evacuated from the Houston-Galveston-Corpus Christi area.

The good thing that may have come out from Katrina is that US officials are now more prepared and ready to handle Rita. Also, the general population are now more willing to evacuate.

Buses were made available, and hospitals and nursing homes were evacuated by compulsion where neccesary. Teams of rescue and medical specialists have been assembled, and food and medical supplies have been stockpiled by the government. And the Texas National Guard has been recalled home from Louisiana where they have been performing relief work.

The painful lessons learnt from Katrina will now save countless ppl.

James Nielsen – AFP

Rick Wilking – Reuters

Tim Johnson – Reuters

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