The Deen & The Rise

September 25, 2005 3:33 PM

Mili put me on a quest to get photos of my night out. Specifically those of hot chicks. Well I tried but I don’t think I did too well …

The night started out at The Deen as per usual. This is my partner in crime, Simon. Why do I look like a stunned mullet and/or constipated? Cannot smile issit!?

It was packed out. Even though I wasn’t using my flash it was still hard to take pictures of girls when ppl are constantly walking around me and, if I had to take a pic I had to be up close. I wasn’t gonna risk getting slapped, drinks poured on me or worse – beaten up, so the opportunities were few and far between.

The place is full of many bars in different areas. This is my regular one because we know one of the bartenders, Amy. You can’t really tell from the pic (right) but she’s HOT. Black hair, green eyes, highly bootylicious. Woo.

Anyways, talked to this bunch of Italians and they intro’d a drink to me called “Jager Bull” – a shot glass of Jagermeister dropped into a tall glass of Redbull and scoal. Yum. New favourite drink.

We usually stick to the main area which plays mainly commercial house. Just to give you an idea how packed it was …

Here’s an attempt at taking a photo of some hot chicks – dancers up on the dance rails.

After about two hours at The Deen, we headed to The Rise. Hard trance and drum-n-bass – perfect for some feng-tau (head-shaking) when you are slightly intoxicated.

I spotted a cute chick on a stage so I began stalking her (Mili, see what you’ve turned me into! Wahahah!) …

We were at The Rise for an hour before fatigue caught up with us – we feng-tau’ed for a solid hour without stopping. Woo, thanks to regular exercise for the stamina. And I wore sneakers too. Smart ah, I didn’t wake up with sore knees and ankles. Plus this is a long weekend! Woohoo!

8 thoughts on “The Deen & The Rise

  1. the virgin undergrad

    i’ve only been to The Deen once. i felt it was kinda boring save for the rock segment which we unfortunately caught only the last 5 mins of it and it followed on with a pretty bad DJ playing some weird ass techno remix for some 50 cent track.

    Is Church fun? i’ve always wanted to go there, but heard some rather nasty stories about the place.

  2. mooiness

    the v.u.: In the Northbridge area, if you like Rock go to the Mustang instead – the band is a cover band but better than the one in The Deen. I go to The Deen mostly for the house music in the main area. 🙂

    Church is fun but it’s past its hey day – it doesn’t get that busy anymore. It’s mostly bengs and lians and the Viets who go there. Try the Rise – angmoh crowd and a more energetic atmo. Ppl actually dance instead of stand around, smoke and stare at other ppl. 😛 Church is mainly trance and hard house. Rise mixes it up a little with breaks and drum-n-bass too.

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