Say hello to my lee-tle friend

September 29, 2005 6:35 PM

She’s back! Woohoo! She had a little scrape against a roadside kerb and got banged up real good. Nothing a little plastic surgery and a BIG HOLE in the wallet wouldn’t fix.

A quick recap: one night after clubbing on the way home, I slided whilst going straight (my fault, I stepped on it) on a wet road and hit a kerb on the left side of the car.

Damaged: rear suspension arm, left-side shock absorbers, front bumper, left-side tyres. I was lucky I didn’t damage the intercooler – now that would have been painful. Repaired: everything except for the shocks – gotta wait till next month for obvious reasons. 😛 Roadworthy but a bit jittery due to now very soft shocks.

2 days after the accident:


And because a certain friend of Mili’s had been stalking my blog, patiently waiting for pics of my car. Here’s more … whoever you are, enjoy!

Full size pics are here.

13 thoughts on “Say hello to my lee-tle friend

  1. mooiness

    the v.u.: don’t forget fatter wheels. But no lah, don’t intend to spend any more money on it. Fuel prices being what they are, I’m thinking I’m gonna have one more year of fun with it and then switch to a Golf maybe. 😛

  2. mooiness

    tfp: $250 once off! Of course that’s in WA. I know that in NSW it’s a yearly fee added onto your usual registration.

    Classy yes that was my intention: a sleeper if you will. Except mine hasn’t really been tinkered with much. 🙂

  3. elving

    Haha… silent stalker of your skyline, that would be me. Sorry for being sneaky. I’m just another big fan of the legendary Skyline. R32, R33, R34, they all look great in their own way! Especially the sleepers like yours, look very original… good job keeping it that way. Sometimes too much modification on the body is just… ermm… too much. Anyway, just wanna say Hi! and you’re so damn lucky to be able to own a skyline!

  4. mooiness

    elving: hahahah u’ve shown urself! 🙂 Nah nah me and Mili joked about it. We are always going on about stalking – we do it to other ppl’s blogs too! I agree with the sleeper thing – definitely classier when it’s not garish.

    I’m lucky to be in Oz lah, cars here are cheap compared to Msia/Sg. If in the US even cheaper!

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  7. Nathan

    Hi there,
    I noticed you visited my blog, so I was browsing yours. I owned a GTS25t before my current car (WRX). I used to import a few cars, and kept that one for myself. Series 1, white, standard, 90,000 original KM, immaculate.

    I still regret selling it. Beautiful engine.


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