Woe is Benny

September 29, 2005 12:01 AM

Benny no wan famous liao,
so y’all have to make do with my lame impersonation

There’s this famous, but who rather not be, blogger called Benny. Benny writes witty commentaries on things he sees in real life and stuff he reads online. Benny is good with PhotoShop. Benny had been steadily gaining fans until sometime in late May 2005 when he attained blogebrity status, and gained even more fans.

For a while Benny revelled in it. His blog’s traffic shot through the roof and so did the number of comments left by his fans. He was recognised on the streets. He was mobbed by chio-bu Singaporean bloggers. He even got proposed to by the local blog princess there, Falling Sh*t.

Then haters came. Haters blogged about him. Haters flamed him right, left and centre. Benny was shocked at what fame has brought him. How can I continue to blog like this? I didn’t ask for fame. I just want to be left alone to write. Oh, woe is me.

Benny, whether you like it or not, you are famous now. Continue complaining about it and you’d just come across as a patronising hypocrite. Fame may be a bitch but you are still riding it.

You could’ve easily taken steps to reduce the publicity if you wanted to – do less interviews, don’t appear in public conventions, whatever. I don’t see other “famous” bloggers complaining about their fame. Only you and your princess have done that so far.

If you hadn’t gotten famous there’d still be ppl who would disagree with you. And there will always be jealous and petty ppl who’d dislike you no matter how nice you think you are. Life is like that Benny.

You said that you didn’t choose fame, that fame chose u. Fine, I give you that. So why then were you so worked up by someone who didn’t think that you deserved to be famous, that you said this about her?

Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.

With that comment, I think that you’ve stepped over the lines of common decency. Equating something as insignificant as bloglitics (your word and something you spoke with disdain of before) to something potentially fatal was crass. You could have chosen a better way to deal with it (remember “humour”?) but instead you chose to be vindictive.

Imagine your fans’ and your own indignation if someone had paraphrased it this way:

Besides, Benny’s dad died soon after that entry, so all’s fair.

I was a fan and you gained a lot of goodwill from me with your writings. I even donated to the Blogathon that you helped organised. But alas, you are close to squandering all that goodwill. Continue this way and you’d not only get more haters, you’d also start to lose discerning readers like me – actually, I’m almost out the door.

I don’t hate you Benny – I’m more indifferent. And you know what, indifference works better than hate because there’s no emotional investment, and no wasted time and energy. Maybe you can learn how to use it.

UPDATE 29th Sep 2005 9:12AM – Footnote

Read his “If Everyone Followed Advice On The Internet” post as reference to this footnote.

I should add that the point of this post is not to question if Benny deserves his fame or not, but to criticise his behaviour in handling his fame. Benny deserves his fame because his writings are funny. He can do as many interviews as he wants and attend any number of public meetings but it is highly hypocritical of him that he then complains about the publicity. F**k that.

10 thoughts on “Woe is Benny

  1. mooiness

    miss L: true true … but you got the idea anyway. 😛

    sourrain: thought about that hamsup pose but then thought the one I used is instantly more recognisable. Heheh. And for the record, I can do aunties but not *roadside* aunties. Hahahaha!

  2. ~*Starryluvly*~

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was taken aback by his post. I mean, it sure looks like he’s enjoying fame… and now he wants to whine about it?

    Besides, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and you’re right – if he didn’t want fame, he could have made himself a whole lot less visible.

    Plus, I don’t think he’d be that naive to think that giving an interview will not lead to any form of recognition, or leave him vulnerable to flamers.

  3. Kenny Sia

    I think you got me wrong there when you said “There’s this famous, but who rather not be”.

    It’s not that I rather not be famous. Fame came and I embraced it. I just didn’t whore for it like what my critics said. Su-Yin is one of them. There’s a huge difference between “embracing fame” and “whoring for fame”.

    I humbly reject suggestions that I was being hypocritical.

    I wasn’t complaining about being famous or hating the publicity on me at all.

    I was complaining about the people who’s saying that I’m riding on other people’s popularity (which isn’t true) and attacked me because of that. It’s like walking along the James Street one fine day, and having a stranger calling you a ‘cock-faced retard’ for no reason.

    With this explanation I hope that a reasonable person such as you could understand what I was trying to say in that entry. No, I wasn’t complaining about fame. I was complaining about the harsh reactions I’d received just because I chose to accept a newspaper interview.

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